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Corsair One review: Small, fast, and surprisingly quiet

As Corsair’s first-ever PC, a One is considerable as hell.

This little appurtenance (which starts during $1,800) is fast, beautifully built, and maybe some-more importantly—quiet, too. That’s no tiny attainment for a PC that measures only 15 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.

According to Corsair a veteran lab totalled a One’s acoustics during idle: 20dB. That’s homogeneous to someone murmur 3 feet from you, says Corsair.

Quiet during idle is one thing. Quiet when a CPU and GPU are during full stifle is utterly another. The One excels on that front, too. It’s distant from wordless (I’ve positively listened quieter—albeit many larger—machines underneath load), though we mostly determine with Corsair’s comment that it would be “unnoticeable” underneath normal gaming conditions.

corsair one 6 Gordon Mah Ung

Corsair’s One gaming PC (right) subsequent to Alienware’s X51 R2 (middle) and a customary exclude receptacle (left). Kidding. That’s Apple’s 1,190-day-old Mac Pro.

That tranquillity is a outcome of a One’s pattern and a glass cooling of both a CPU and GPU. Most small-form-factor rigs out currently regulating a informed micro-tower mold, such as Origin PC’s Chronos or Falcon Northwest’s Tiki, glass cold a CPU though leave a GPU to atmosphere cooling. Despite carrying a incomparable footprint than a One, those boxes only don’t have a room to liquid-cool both components.

Corsair custom-designed a One’s aluminum framework to reason dual low-profile 240mm radiators, one mounted to any interior side of a case. One cools a GeForce GTX 1080 (or 1070 in a lower-end model), while a other keeps a CPU cool. Corsair keeps a One’s form small by foregoing fans on those radiators. Instead, a singular low-RPM, 140mm captivating levitation fan mounted adult tip sucks atmosphere from a system. With a radiators mounted flush with a sides, cooler outward atmosphere is sucked by a intakes afterwards by a radiator. Call it a semi-passive liquid-cooling system.

corsair one tummy 3 Gordon Mah Ung

Corsair’s One facilities glass coolers for both a CPU and GPU

Of course, one fan isn’t adequate to keep a whole complement chill. A second fan mounted on a desktop GTX 1080 cools a card’s RAM and voltage law modules.

Overall it’s utterly clever, though not though a cost (which we’ll get to later).