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Court sidebars explain defense’s explain that Kansas’ Self, Townsend knew of payments

Sidebars from Monday’s sovereign college basketball crime hearing strew some-more light on since a invulnerability claimed during shutting arguments that Kansas manager Bill Self and partner Kurtis Townsend knew about payments that Adidas employees were creation to players.

The Star detected by a deeper hearing of justice transcripts that Adidas executive Jim Gatto’s attorney, Michael Schachter — during sidebar sessions that were not listened by a gallery or jury — spoke about additional interactions between Townsend and Adidas consultant T.J. Gassnola. In doing this, Schachter was attempting to remonstrate Judge Lewis A. Kaplan to concede additional texts and phone conversations into evidence.

In some of those cases, Kaplan denied a request.

A categorical idea of a invulnerability was perplexing to infer that a government’s witness, Gassnola, lied in sovereign court. Gassnola testified that he had given $2,500 to Fenny Falmagne, a authorised defender of then-recruit and stream KU sophomore Silvio De Sousa. He also pronounced he creatively told Falmagne he would give him a $20,000 remuneration to assistance him compensate behind $60,000 he’d perceived formerly from a Maryland upholder so that De Sousa could attend KU. Gassnola, though, pronounced he never followed by on that guarantee and also regularly settled he attempted to keep all payments he finished secluded from KU’s coaching staff.

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Schachter, while vocalization with a judge, pronounced a invulnerability had a wiretapped Aug. 31 phone call between Gassnola and former Adidas worker Merl Code where Gassnola says, “I have been going around dropping bags to that simpleton Fenny in sequence to get Kansas to re-sign with Adidas.” Schachter after settled that Gassnola, in a same conversation, said, “I am dropping $20 or $30,000 bag … “

The invulnerability also wanted to try to infer KU’s coaches had believe that Gassnola was creation payments. Schachter spoke to Kaplan about content messages between Gassnola and Self from Aug. 9, 2017, when a dual are deliberating Falmagne before a subject changes to KU compliance a agreement prolongation with Adidas:

Gassnola, 9:33 p.m.: we talked with Fennie

Self, 9:34 p.m.: We good?

Gassnola, 9:34 p.m.: Always. That’s was light work.

Ball is in his justice now

Self, 9:34 p.m.: Spoke to Sean. All good.

Gassnola, 9:35 p.m.: Will it be finished by Tuesday Deadline ?

Self, 9:36 p.m.: From what we was told yes

Gassnola, 9:36 p.m.: Great. Thank u boss

In a sidebar, charge profession Eli Mark tells a decider that Self is vocalization about KU emissary jaunty executive Sean Lester. KU announced a designed 12-year agreement prolongation with Adidas a subsequent month.

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“Coach Self responds to this information about Fenny by joining it to Kansas re-singing a sponsorship agreement with Adidas,” Schachter pronounced to Kaplan. “ … ‘Will it be finished by Tuesday deadline?’ is unequivocally a indicate of this, is that Mr. Gassnola in his mind is joining this.”

The invulnerability also attempted — though unsuccessful — to benefaction as justification additional communication between Townsend and Gassnola.

Schachter offering an vaunt of a content summary between Falmagne and Jon Lasko, a member of a house of directors for De Sousa’s AAU team, a Florida Vipers.

“This is from Lasko to Fenny,” Schachter said, reading a content to Kaplan. “‘Fenny, we am in Indiana and Coach Ostrom asked me for an update. They are super peaceful to do what it takes to partisan Silvio. Is that something of seductiveness for us?’”

Tom Ostrom, a associate conduct manager during Indiana, is in his second deteriorate with a Hoosiers.

Schachter pronounced Falmagne forwarded a content summary to Townsend, afterwards texted, “Coach, that’s my boss. Still pulling a issue, Coach.”

“And afterwards Coach Townsend — Mr. Gassnola asks him to explain, and Mr. Coach Townsend says, ‘He needs to get out from underneath this guy. Doesn’t meant anything. we was promulgation we what he sent me,’” Schachter told Kaplan.

Schachter argued to Kaplan that a denunciation Townsend used was a same that Gassnola after steady to Gatto during a Sept. 11, 2017 wiretapped call that was entered into evidence. In that instance, Gassnola also referenced removing Falmagne out from underneath an agreement.

“(Gassnola) hears those difference — maybe he also listened it from Fenny,” Schachter said. “But a indicate is he listened those difference from Coach Townsend.”

During a sidebar discussion, Schachter serve explained since he believed a justification was necessary.

“I am perplexing to denote to a jury that (Gassnola) did not disguise this from a University of Kansas coaching staff,” Schachter said. “We contention that these papers uncover that he paid this income to Fenny during a direction, during a request, and in coordination with a University of Kansas.”

Kaplan authorised many of a content messages between Gassnola and KU’s coaches into evidence, though usually on a singular basis.

“They are perceived usually for a singular purpose of shedding light on a testimony of a witness,” Kaplan told jurors. “And only so a jury maybe understands his small indicate of a law of evidence, a statements are not perceived for a law since Coach Townsend is not here to attest they’re true, and a supervision has no ability to review him.”

Schachter, also in a sidebar, offering his bargain of a content sell between Gassnola and Townsend from Aug. 26, 2017:

Townsend, 11:06 p.m.: Coach been on a phone with Angola

We are good to go

We will dedicate tomorrow

Townsend, 11:07 p.m.: From fenny

Gassnola, 11:07 p.m.: Great

Gassnola, 11:07 p.m.: I’ll follow adult tomorrow

Townsend, 11:07 p.m.: Thank you

Schachter settled that a invulnerability believed “Angola” was formula for “De Sousa,” as that is his home country.

“Then Mr. Gassnola says, ‘I’ll follow adult tomorrow,’” Schachter told Kaplan. “That ‘following adult tomorrow,’ as we will continue to establish, is him indeed assembly with Fenny in Florida and dropping a bag, or profitable a $20,000 that he denies making. And there are serve communications with Coach Townsend about that.”

Schachter was forceful in his shutting matter to jurors Thursday, observant KU’s coaches were wakeful of payments finished to players.

“Kansas’ conduct manager knew of and asked for a remuneration to be finished to Silvio De Sousa’s handler,” Schachter said. “Coach Self and Coach Townsend asked for Adidas’ assistance in creation this remuneration to Fenny.”

Self, when asked during final week’s KU basketball media day for criticism about a sovereign trial, said: “No we don’t have any response. we can’t speak about that. I’m not definition to be ambiguous about this during all. we only feel like … a position is still a same. We’ll criticism when a time is appropriate. The suitable time is when this is finished and that’ll positively be a case. I’m not going to make comments day to day on what has been pronounced since we’ll know apparently in a subsequent integrate weeks what indeed this is all about.”

KU associate jaunty executive Jim Marchiony has pronounced KU Athletics would continue to defer all criticism about a sovereign hearing to KU executive of vital communications Joe Monaco. When contacted this week, Monaco referred to a prior KU statement: “It is not suitable for a university to criticism while authorised record are ongoing. As we have pronounced all along, a charge has not suggested any indiscretion by a university or a coaches. We will continue to concur as requested via a trial.”

The jury will start deliberations Monday.

Jesse Newell

Jesse Newell covers University of Kansas entertainment for The Star.

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