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Crimea Sees Sharp Drop in Russian Tourists

Russians are losing seductiveness in roving to Crimea, as a direct for flights to Simferopol among tourists has declined by some-more than 25 percent this year, a Kommersant journal reported Monday, citing information from Svyaznoy-Travel sheet agency.

The Biletix sheet engagement representative saw direct for tickets to Crimea tumble by 7.5 percent this summer.

Analysts charge a descending recognition of Crimea among Russian travelers to a miss of use infrastructure on a peninsula.

“The peninsula’s infrastructure does not yield a same peculiarity of use as Turkey and Egypt, and many travelers who visited Crimea have motionless that it will not turn a unchanging end for their holidays,” blurb executive of Svyaznoy-Travel, Andrei Osintsev, was quoted as observant by Kommersant.

As Moscow has dangling flights to both Turkey and Egypt amid stretched ties and tightened confidence respectively, Russian tourists now cite to transport to a southern review towns of Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi, all of that offer improved use than Crimea.

The series of tourists roving to Sochi has grown this year by 40 percent, according to information from Svyaznoy-Travel.

Another disastrous cause that affects a recognition of Crimea is a augmenting cost of airline tickets.

The normal cost of lapse tickets has reached 16,000 rubles ($246), according to Sergei Romashkin, CEO of a Delfin transport company.

Package tours to Crimea, however, haven’t suffered such a thespian decline. There is now a sales slowdown, though a direct for package tours is still 40-50 percent aloft than final year, Romashkin told Kommersant. However, members of a tourism attention contend this expansion will have stopped by subsequent year.

The Crimean authorities have denied a descending recognition of a peninsula among Russian tourists. Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Balbek, who oversees a tourism sector, pronounced that Svyaznoy- Travel’s information don’t simulate a a genuine conditions in a market.

“This is many expected possibly an information conflict or a miss of knowledge. Crimea is one of a categorical traveller destinations in Russia,” Balbek was quoted as observant by a RIA Novosti news agency.

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