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Czechs reject Team USA in hockey in shootout during Winter Olympics; ‘that tighten to relocating on’

Kevin Allen

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GANGNEUNG, South Korea — It was if a U.S. men’s hockey players and coaches didn’t know how to conflict to their 3-2 shootout detriment to a Czechs in a Olympic quarterfinals.

They were clearly unhappy to be separated from a competition, and nonetheless there was honour in how they played altogether and a feeling that they did all they could opposite a dominant Czechs.

“We played 5 games and we mislaid one diversion in regulation,” U.S. manager Tony Granato said. “That was some flattering good hockey we played.”

Four years ago, when a Olympics was an NHL tournament, the Americans won an critical Olympic diversion 3-2 opposite a Russians with T.J. Oshie scoring 4 shootout goals. This time a Americans mislaid a shootout interjection to Czech goalie Pavel Francouz’s brilliance.

After U.S. brazen Jim Slater scored a shorthanded idea to tie a diversion during 10:23 of a second period, a Americans and Czechs played a scoreless tug-of-war a rest of a way.

The Americans came tighten to going brazen with reduction than 3 mins left in law when Brian O’Neill rang a shot off a crossbar. They received another event when Czech Vojtech Mozik was whistled for slicing with 1:20. But a Americans couldn’t money in opposite Francouz.

“The goalie done some saves, though we didn’t stop coming,” U.S. brazen Troy Terry said. “That was kind of a thesis for a tournament.

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In a shootout, U.S. goalie Ryan Zapolski stopped 4 of 5 shootouts, giving adult a sole idea to Petr Koukal, a 35-year-old maestro who has never scored 20 goals in his European career.

The Americans used Chris Bourque, Mark Arcobello, Ryan Donato, Terry, and Bobby Butler, and nothing could find a net opposite Francouz in a shootout.

“It substantially would have been worse if we mislaid in overtime,” Zapolski said. “A shootout can go possibly way.”

With a NHLers not here, there was no Oshie this time.          

Terry, who won a World Junior bullion award for USA with shootout heroics, pronounced a Americans were thrown off since Francouz wears his throwing glove on his right-hand. Most goalies wear it on their left hand.

“Their goalie is unequivocally quick,” pronounced Terry, a Anaheim Ducks’ prospect. “(I) attempted to feign a shot and get him moving, and afterwards lift it back. But he done a large play.”

Terry pronounced a miss of goals in a shootout was frustrating since Zapolski had some large saves in a game. Usually if a goalie stops 4 of 5 in a shootout, he has an glorious possibility of winning.

“We really gave all we had,” U.S. brazen Brian Gionta said.  “We were that tighten to relocating on.”

Because USA won’t play for a medal, a register preference will be second-guessed.

When a organisation was announced, one critique was that there were not adequate college players.

As it incited out, college players Terry and Donato were USA’s best descent players. Boston University’s Jordan Greenway was a presence, formidable to play against.

Maybe another college scorer or dual could have helped a offense, though int he USA’s final dual games it was transparent since a late U.S. ubiquitous manager Jim Johannson wanted a few college players sprinkled in with a maestro group. He wanted college players for points and veterans for a poise.

It was a European leaguers, quite O’Neill, Bobby Sanguinetti, Chad Billins — and American Leaguer Chris Bourque — gripping a Americans in games.

“We played good adequate to keep going, though we are not,” Granato said.

Granato pronounced a usually thing he shootout was either he should have used Brian Gionta, 39, since of his experience.

“We had 25 players, a organisation that was built to paint a nation a approach it was represented. Play hard. Compete. Leave it on a ice. We did that,” Granato said. “We have a lot to be unapproachable of. Did we like that it went to a shootout and we didn’t pierce on? No. But those are a rules. As we watched a time breeze down in a overtime period, it’s tough to trust that a approach a diversion was played, and how tough a teams were competing, it was going to that.”

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