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Dad With Cancer Travels From ICU To Delivery Room For Son’s Birth

Cagney’s sister, Marissa Wenk, told The Huffington Post that her hermit was diagnosed with glioblastoma in his mind after experiencing headaches for 3 days. 

Since then, he’s undergone many treatments, including a biopsy and craniotomy, a surgical procession in that partial of a skull was temporarily private to soothe pressure.

Cagney is also undergoing deviation and chemotherapy, that he will finish in reduction than 5 weeks.

Cagney was recuperating from mind medicine in a ICU when his nurses motionless they wanted to do something special for a awaiting family. They reached out to Now we Lay Me Down To Sleep ― an classification that provides observance photography to relatives pang a detriment of a baby ― to take photos of Cagney with his newborn.

Sarah Boccolucci volunteered her services as a photographer, though she also spoke to one of a ICU nurses about documenting Levon’s birth, as that is her area of specialty. The family supposed her offer, and when a day arrived, Sarah met a family during Boulder Community Hospital.

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