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Dan Crenshaw addresses Pete Davidson’s panned ‘SNL’ fun during feat speech


Dan Crenshaw clapped behind during Pete Davidson after winning his competition for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District. Davidson mocked a former Navy SEAL on “Saturday Night Live.”

Dan Crenshaw is carrying a final laugh. 

The former Navy SEAL inaugurated to Texas’ 2nd Congressional District Tuesday coyly mentioned a widely criticized joke from “Saturday Night Live” over a weekend. 

Commenting on Crenshaw’s looks, comedian Pete Davidson compared a the vet, who mislaid his eye to IED blast in Afghanistan in 2012, to “a hitman in a porno movie” during a show’s news-like “Weekend Update” skit. The fun was slammed on Twitter and criticized by Davidson’s “SNL” co-star, Kenan Thompson, a son of a Vietnam vet. 

From a podium, Crenshaw famous people from his team, including a male who swayed him to run, while mentioning a “SNL” moment.

“He’s dissapoint since a new ‘Saturday Night Live’ debate has resulted in me carrying some-more Twitter supporters than (him),” Crenshaw cracked.

Later, Crenshaw remarked Americans “are not a people that mangle during a initial pointer of offense” that resulted in delight from a crowd. 

In his speech, Crenshaw also elaborated on a pain and existence of his injury, while pity a summary of unity. 

“(When) my mother Tara got a phone call that I’d been severely injured, and we might never indeed lay eyes on her again, she wasn’t alone,” he said. “Friends and teammates were with her. This life, this purpose, this American suggestion that we reason dear, we are not alone, we do it together.” 

After creation his speech, Crenshaw addressed a “SNL” occurrence some-more directly.

Speaking with Ivory Hecker of Houston’s FOX 26, Crenshaw pronounced he wanted his supporters to know “SEALs don’t get offended. That’s customarily not what we do. That doesn’t meant it wasn’t offensive, though let’s stop perfectionist apologies and firings of people. Let’s just… direct that comedy indeed be funny, though let’s be good people.”

Davidson’s fun was knocked on Twitter from many, like “View” co-host Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain. She called a bit “incredibly tone-deaf.” 

The comic has taken a similar, no binds barred, proceed to comedy when it comes to his possess personal life. He has used his dad’s genocide in 9/11 and his new break-up with Ariana Grande as fodder

He talked about a fun he got from creation people nervous with his amusement to The New York Times in 2015. 

“I like doing that,” he said. “I like creation things that are dark, awkward, uncanny things that we don’t unequivocally find funny, funny.”

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