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Daniel Cormier: we consternation if this is a new Jon Jones

3:47 AM ET

LAS VEGAS — Daniel Cormier isn’t certain if Jon Jones was rusty, struggling to adjust to new regulatory manners or uncertain of himself for a initial time in his career during his feat on Saturday during UFC 197.

But Cormier (17-1) knows one thing: The Jones who showed adult opposite Ovince Saint Preux? Cormier says he beats that Jones each time.

Jones defeats OSP for halt title, eyes UFC 200

Jon Jones simply degraded Ovince Saint Preux around unanimous preference for a halt 205-pound pretension during UFC 197 on Saturday night, notwithstanding looking indeterminate in his initial quarrel given Jan 2015.

“I consternation if this is a new Jon,” Cormier said. “That man that fought tonight? That man does not kick me.”

Cormier was ostensible to acquire Jones behind to a Octagon this weekend, yet was forced to repel 3 weeks ago with a leg injury. The dual met when Jones was a reigning champion during UFC 182 in Jan 2015. Jones won that quarrel around unanimous decision.

Prior to Saturday, that was Jones’ many new fight. The 28-year-old was sidelined most of final year due to authorised issues.

While he was away, a UFC partnered with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to discharge a new anti-doping process and, nonetheless he clearly settled he was not accusing Jones of regulating criminialized substances, Cormier pronounced a changes implemented by USADA might have influenced Jones’ performance. Under a new guidelines, athletes are not authorised to rehydrate around IV after weighing in.

“I’m not accusing him of steroids, yet he’s a large man and rehydration is opposite now,” Cormier said. “The IV [ban] changes a game. Even yet he might have looked leaner tonight, was he too tiny since he couldn’t rehydrate with a IV? How does his physique feel rehydrating orally? Do his guys have a right regulation to rehydrate for 5 rounds?

“And we saw him being a small tentative. He wasn’t as certain of himself. That’s what done him so great. He was so certain of all he did. Even when he was doing crazy things like jumping ensure opposite a man like me, who has good tip control. Just being means to let go like that, and this time he was estimate things a lot more.”

Cormier, 37, is scheduled to bear an MRI on his leg damage on Monday. He says if a formula are good, he will start to exam his cardio and start scheming for a intensity quarrel opposite Jones during UFC 200 on Jul 9 in Las Vegas.

UFC boss Dana White told ESPN.com that a quarrel could potentially take place on that date and Jones, notwithstanding pang from a painful shin, pronounced he wanted to title a card. If Cormier has his way, he’ll quarrel Jones twice — on a dual biggest cards of a year.

“UFC 200 is historic, as is Madison Square Garden [on Nov. 12],” Cormier said. “You have to understand, my plan, my opinion for this year is to kick Jones during 200 and quarrel again during MSG. The timing works perfect, only since if we were to quarrel him in July, it doesn’t meant we can’t contest after in November.

“[In 2015] we fought Jones in January, [Anthony Johnson] in May and [Alexander Gustafsson] in October. If we can quarrel those 3 guys over a march of 12 months, I’ll be OK fighting twice in 5 or 6 months.”

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