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DeMarcus Cousins: ‘Not green … not mad’ about Kings-to-Pelicans trade

4:34 PM ET

METAIRIE, La. — DeMarcus Cousins strictly began a subsequent section of his career with a New Orleans Pelicans, though he certified beating in “the dishonesty” displayed by a Sacramento Kings heading adult to a depart from a usually authorization he’s ever played for in 7 seasons in a NBA.

“Sunday was a furious day,” Cousins pronounced Wednesday during an rudimentary news discussion during a Pelicans’ training facility. “Just a lot of churned emotions. It was unequivocally unexpected. we sat in a airfield for a minute, and my mind was racing. we didn’t know what to think. I’ve attempted to know a situation.

“Basically what we came to is this is a business. I’m not sour, I’m not mad, we don’t have any ill feelings. This is a business. These forms of things happen. I’m gentle with it. I’m in a good place. Like we said, I’m prepared to get to work.”

New Pelican Cousins trades No. 15 for No. 0

DeMarcus Cousins will wear No. 0 as a member of a Pelicans after formerly wearing No. 15 with a Kings.

Kings ubiquitous manager Vlade Divac told ESPN progressing this month that a group had no skeleton on interruption with Cousins.

“We’re not trade DeMarcus,” Divac pronounced on Feb. 6. “… We wish he’s here for a prolonged time.”

On Sunday, a Pelicans struck a blockbuster deal, appropriation Cousins and Omri Casspi for rookie Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a 2017 first-round collect and a 2017 second-rounder to a Kings.

“I haven’t talked to anybody,” Cousins said. “Vlade, he attempted to call after all was done. But … it’s done.”

Pelicans ubiquitous manager Dell Demps pronounced he had talked to a Kings before, though discussions ramped adult after a possibility assembly during All-Star Weekend.

“It was humorous given we was indeed walking down a street, we consider Thursday or Friday night, and all of a sudden, he’s walking down a travel and we happened to see him,” Demps pronounced of Cousins. “It was only a pristine coincidence. That unequivocally revved me adult even more, articulate to him only for like a discerning integrate of seconds. we didn’t contend anything about a trade of anything, though it revved us adult even some-more to replenish a conversations.”

Cousins pronounced he’d listened speak about a discussions progressing Sunday, though he “basically” found out they were some-more critical only before he faced a media after a All-Star Game.

“It was beating right away,” Cousins said. “But we talked to my agents after it happened and it was only a lot of confusion. My representative told me to get on a phone with Dell. He wanted me to wait a integrate days, though we was like, ‘No.’ As we was sitting in a airport, we hopped on a phone. Being a cold male that he is, [Demps] kind of put me during ease. What he was saying, it done sense. Right divided we got excited. we felt a small bit improved about a situation.”

By Tuesday, Demps and Pelicans manager Alvin Gentry were drifting to Sacramento to hail their dual new players and move them behind to New Orleans.

Asked how rival he is, Cousins joked, “About 17 technicals’ worth.” But he pronounced he’s vehement about his new partnership with a some-more indifferent Anthony Davis, a associate Kentucky large male uninformed off an All-Star Game MVP opening in that he set a record with 52 points.

“Got a small fire. Got a small ice,” Cousins pronounced of Davis. “We can wreak massacre on this league. Will it occur overnight? Probably not. But a intensity is scary.”

Davis described Cousins as his “big brother,” and someone he depends on.

“I’m some-more like loose and he’s some-more like … he’s DeMarcus,” Davis said. “Maybe when he’s on a floor, we can get, like, hyped up. Or situations come around that we need to be like, ‘All right, ease down.’ But it’s kind of like what we need. Kind of like a ideal balance.”

Cousins pronounced he has played with Davis “plenty of times,” including a army with Team USA during a run to a bullion award during a 2014 World Cup. He even joked about teaming adult a final time they faced off on Feb. 12.

“I was perplexing to get him on my side. He was perplexing to get me to New Orleans,” Cousins said. “I said, ‘We’re going to talk; We’re going to speak in a summer.’

“I was never going to Sacramento,” Davis said.

Said Cousins: “But AD sent me a content like, ‘I unequivocally wish we to come to New Orleans,’ and we kind of abandoned him given we didn’t know how to answer. Then we ran into Dell and this is like, ‘What a ruin is going on here?’ Then, Sunday night, I’m a Pelican. So, I’ve gotten all of a signs. we theory we wasn’t profitable attention. But all of a signs were there. And it happened.”

On Sunday night, after roving behind to a Pelicans’ facility, he pronounced he saw a news on a TV and was shortly greeted with a content summary from Cousins that read, ‘What’s up, teammate.”

“We’ve got a lot of weapons now,” Davis said. “A lot of opposite options that we can run out of a offense and opposite looks that we can get. It’s gonna be profitable for everybody.”

Cousins and Davis arrange fourth and fifth in a NBA in scoring average, during 27.8 and 27.7 points per game, respectively. Together, a Pelicans’ new frontcourt twin has 17 games this deteriorate with during slightest 30 points and 15 rebounds, and 44 such games given Davis entered a joining in 2012-13, according to ESPN Stats Information.

“I would be stressed out, pulling my hair out and only praying, praying, praying only to send me some help,” Cousins pronounced about his Kings tenure. “Of march things occur in opposite ways.”

Cousins’ agent, Jarinn Akana, told ESPN’s Marc Stein on Sunday that Cousins would expected pass on an prolongation with any group that traded for him before Thursday’s deadline.

“I’m going to make a best of a opportunity,” Cousins pronounced Wednesday when asked if his position had changed. “That’s not a doubt we can answer right away, obviously, though I’m all-in. Make a best of this event and see what a destiny holds.”

Denver Nuggets for a eighth and final playoff seed in a West, with 3 games opposite a Nuggets still to come.

“We’re going to try to make it work quickly,” Gentry said. “That might not be a case, though we don’t have a whole lot of domain for blunder right now. So, this is something. We have 25 games left. Our goal, obviously, all along has been to get into a playoffs. We have to try to get it to work.

“One thing about it, is they’re friends. They’ve been friends a prolonged time. That creates a composition a small bit easier. we consider both of them are unequivocally giving. we don’t consider there’s going to be any head-bumping as distant as whose group this group is or any of those situations like that.”

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