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Derek Carr understands critique comes with Raiders losing like this

ALAMEDA — Derek Carr has had improved weeks.

The Raiders quarterback saw his best receiver traded to a Dallas Cowboys on Monday afternoon. Reports flush after that night observant that his station in a Raiders’ locker room had taken a hit, that his toughness was called into question.

Oh, and he competence be traded. That’s a lot to catch in a brief span, streamer into Sunday’s diversion opposite a Indianapolis Colts.

Carr wants to sojourn a Raider notwithstanding embarking on a second rebuilding given being drafted by a team in 2014, notwithstanding Khalil Mack and Cooper being traded in roughly 7 weeks.

He believes he will.

“My hermit (David Carr) told me when we came into a NFL, if they cut Peyton Manning, they’re going to cut we some day, too. So, that’s always a fulfilment for anybody in a locker room,” Derek Carr said. “We all have to uncover adult and give a best on a use field, a assembly room and all of those kinds of things to make certain we’re around for a prolonged haul.

“But, to be honest with you, I’m a quarterback here today, we have certainty I’ll be here tomorrow, and when we spin this around, I’m unequivocally assured I’m going to be here when we do that as well.”

The Raiders are in a severe patch during 1-5, generally after dual blowout waste before a bye. With Mack gone, Carr is a actor holding many of a critique for gloomy descent play and a unsatisfactory record. He hasn’t achieved to high expectancy and knows that full well.

Hearing speak that his attribute with teammates has run-down was disappointing, though a private messages and conversations threw such worry out a window.

“I don’t compensate that any mind,” Carr pronounced “I only go speak to those guys. If they don’t wish to put their name on it, we am going to leave it as what it is. It’s zero to me. If they wish to come contend it to my locker, I’ve had copiousness of tough discussions station right here with teammates. Those are some of a guys that texted me yesterday saying, ‘Don’t worry about this longhorn crap.’ we can’t tell we how many texts we got from former teammates, teammates we have now, and all of these things that when your losing, crap happens.”

Carr also had to address, for a second uninterrupted day, either he was great after pang an damage to his left shoulder. That, in Carr’s view, was an peculiar one.

“I pennyless my back, we pennyless my ankle. we didn’t cry then, though we theory a shoulder was unequivocally tough for me,” Carr said, that final partial sarcastically. “It was funny, my tutor indeed sent me some cinema of me operative out creation a same face, so we theory we cry when we train, too.

“It only is what it is when we are losing, man. Just like any technique or anything we do as a player. When we are losing, when things are tough, when things are happening, we know how that goes. we know how that goes. I’ve been doing it too long, though we never suspicion I’d have to do that.”

Outside Carr, a brightest Raiders star players have been traded. That leaves Carr and manager Jon Gruden in a crosshairs when things go south. Gruden has played a bigger partial that a quarterback following instructions during his initial year in a formidable new system. Players, generally speaking, determine with that.

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