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Despite Loss, Conor McGregor Can Hold His Head High and Has Plenty of Options

Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

Conor McGregor couldn’t will himself to feat opposite Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday in Las Vegas, yet give a pretension 29-year-old UFC champion credit for creation things fun.

Taking advantage of a freezing start by a 40-year-old Mayweather, McGregor fared improved than roughly anyone approaching in their youth middleweight hitch during T-Mobile Arena. Though he faded down a stretch, eventually surrender a 10th-round TKO loss, McGregor can exit his initial incursion into veteran fighting with his conduct hold high.

He didn’t startle a world—unable to tighten a immeasurable opening in knowledge and technique between himself and Mayweather—but he didn’t get embarrassed, either. If he chooses to press on with fighting or lapse to a Octagon to restart his UFC career, he’ll have no necessity of remunerative options.

McGregor throws a extending right palm during Mayweather.Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

“I’ve been here before,” a easygoing McGregor told interviewer Jim Gray in a ring after it was over. “I’ve been strangled on live TV and we came back…I suspicion a arbitrate could’ve let it keep going a small bit. Let me go down.”

Few pundits gave McGregor a picturesque possibility of besting Mayweather as he crossed over from MMA to take on arguably a biggest fighter of his generation. Conventional knowledge pronounced things would spin nauseous for a Dublin local once a articulate stopped and a quarrel began.

Perhaps in a finish McGregor didn’t go out there with Mayweather, yet a huge mismatch many approaching never materialized:

McGregor began a quarrel aggressively, pressuring Mayweather with a surprisingly effective poke as good as some inestimable combinations. He held a fighter with a opposite uppercut in a initial turn and landed with adequate rule to win a initial 3 durations on during slightest one ringside judge’s central scorecard.

That alone defied expectations.

McGregor also indulged his melodramatic side, putting his hands behind his behind and heading with his chin, switching stances and adhering his tongue out during Mayweather. In addition, he perceived mixed warnings from arbitrate Robert Byrd for alighting hammerfists to a tip of Mayweather’s head.

By contrast, a fighter was distant some-more counsel in a early going. Mayweather threw only a handful of punches during a initial few stanzas. After a quarrel was over, he told Gray a delayed start was partial of his diversion plan, yet there were times he seemed legitimately frustrated, shoving McGregor during a finish of Round 5 and removing shoved by Byrd while angry of a low blow in a ninth.

“He’s a lot improved than we suspicion he was,” Mayweather told Gray of McGregor after a fight. “He used opposite angles. He’s a tough competitor, yet we was a improved male tonight.”

Mayweather seemed to find his balance as a quarrel wore on, flashing some-more offense commencement in a sixth round. The eighth was arguably a best support of a fight, as McGregor and Mayweather exchanged punches for an sparkling 3 mins that gave fans some-more movement in one turn alone than they approaching to see all night.

By a ninth, it was transparent McGregor was on his approach out. He was vanishing badly and his vaunted punching power—which didn’t seem to entirely interpret from MMA to fighting to start with—softened as his appetite drained. He didn’t have many for a surging Mayweather during a final few rounds.

Byrd stepped in to call off a quarrel only over a notation into a 10th, yet a dumbfounded McGregor managed to laugh and seem to have his wits about him in brief sequence after a stoppage.

His reasons for a laugh should be obvious. McGregor perceived a reported $30 million in bottom compensate for this bout, per ESPN.com’s Dan Rafael, far more than his estimated gain for his richest UFC fight. UFC President Dana White estimated McGregor will end adult making at slightest $75 million once a fighter’s cut of a pay-per-view income is tabulated, per Keith Idec of BoxingScene.com.

Though McGregor and Mayweather had sparred in a media and online as distant behind as 2015 and intent in a quarrelsome quarrel of difference heading adult to this fight, they were both all smiles when it was over:

For McGregor, if a design was to emerge from a hitch though being broke while showcasing his skills and singular present of chit-chat for a whole new audience, it was goal accomplished.

He’ll expected continue to call his possess shots as he presses on with his career.

McGregor has a high-dollar trilogy quarrel watchful for him opposite Nate Diaz if he earnings to a Octagon. That pair’s two-fight argument has already valid to be a many remunerative in UFC history. Signing on for a third installment could move even some-more income if any splinter of a assembly that watched Mayweather-McGregor follows him behind to a UFC.

Isaac Brekken/Associated Press

McGregor could also urge his lightweight pretension opposite any series of tip contenders, including Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Against a latter, McGregor has talked about perplexing to foster a megafight in Russia.

McGregor also still has a simmering argument with former ring partner Paulie Malignaggi. It’s doubtful his UFC bosses would concede him to lift on with a fighting career, yet McGregor’s opening opposite Mayweather was only good adequate to make a hitch opposite Malignaggi feel median interesting.

Whatever happens, McGregor afforded himself about as good as he could have in better opposite Mayweather.

He exits this quarrel though pang any critical blows to his sketch power, and maybe carrying tender a vast fortuitous of new fans.

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