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Destiny 2 treasure chests Sept 12-18: Here’s where Cayde-6’s loot is on Nessus this week


What do you mean you haven’t run out of things to do in Destiny 2 yet? There’s a frankly dangerous amount of shooting to be done already but on top of the challenges, milestones, and Nightfall updates, now you’ve got treasure to find for Cayde-6. This changes on a weekly basis so last week was the EDZ and now we’re onto Nessus looking for his cheeky stashes of loot. 

First you’ll need to buy all 5 treasure maps from Cayde in the hangar for Glimmer and then head to Nessus to get his loot back. While there’s a handy spade logo added to the map, sometimes actually finding the chests is another matter. Each one does have a helpful clue – this time themed around Cayde’s unfortunate dimension hopping incident – but in case you’re in a rush, here’s where to find Cayde’s treasure chests this week. 

Rewards-wise, currently these are spitting out plenty of higher level loot and a couple of interesting things to take back to Cayde. I found a letter fragment and some, err, celery which he gave me Glimmer for when I returned them to him. Time will tell whether these actually tell a story. But for now, let’s start with the Exodus Black fast travel point on Nessus, where you’ll find two treasures within pretty much spitting distance. 

As ever, the maps are unnamed and unnumbered bar a quote from Cayde which acts as a clue. Let’s work through the to-do list this week. 

“I should’ve realised something was up when the Vex were letting me move through portals so freely. And I usually have a good nose for traps. Maybe you’ll have better luck?”

From your landing platform, hang a right and jump down to the ground. Keep to the right hand wall and you’ll come across a crevice packed with Vex. Take them all out and then head down the tunnel into the dark. Eventually you’ll reach a cavern with, funnily enough, a portal in it and a few more Vex. Get rid of the noisy robots and head in the direction of the portal. Don’t jump inside but instead turn around and look back towards the way you came. You’ll see a chest on the left hand side. Head over, nab the token inside and keep heading into the darkness behind. You’ll find a dimly lit tunnel and, at the end, your loot cache. 

“Thought I’d escaped, but you know how the Vex are. I got as far as this energy shield, thinking it was a way out. Dead end. So I dropped what I had there and tried to shoot through. Bam! Right back into the loop”

Head back to surface level and head just to the right of where you turn in your Failsafe tokens. Head all the way to the back, keeping the crashed ship on your left hand side and you’ll find a small corridor. Head along that and you’ll eventually come to an energy shield on the right hand side. That’ll be the one Cayde is talking about so turn around and bam! There’s your loot behind you. 

“Of course, I didn’t go charging into Nessus without a plan. I made sure I had caches everywhere. Started with the first dead Vex construct I found”

This one is nice and easy. Trasmat to The Cistern and head in the direction of the Cayde symbol on the map. Head down the tunnel in your sparrow or on foot and the first thing you’ll see (funnily enough) is a Vex sphere at your 11 o’clock. Jump inside to claim your loot. 

“I was just doing what Failsafe said. I mean, she seems reliable, half the time. So I entered this cave and set up my little fallback point, took a few steps in, and bam, the battle began”

This is probably the chest you’ll have had the most trouble with that might just have sent you here. Instead of hunting down a cave on the top surface of Nessus, you’re going to have to go properly down a few levels. Ignore the top area where the public event normally starts and head in the direction of the giant red tree. You’ll see a massive chasm below. Jump down, take care of the inevitable Vex and you’ll find an orange-lit cave. It’s in here to the right where you’ll uncover Cayde’s loot.

“I don’t know what they call it. The eyeball thing. Under that. You’ll know it when you see it”

Cayde isn’t wrong about the eyeball thing. To get here fast, transmat to Watcher’s Grave and jump on your sparrow. Speed down towards The Hallows and pass the hydra and co on your right hand side. You want to head in the direction of the giant spiral staircase. Hop up that all the way to the top and you’ll be spat out in full view of the giant concrete sphere. Below that, in plain sight is the loot chest. There’s even a sneaky datalattice up there to return to Failsafe. Got to keep the cranky AI happy somehow.