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Did CNN Stage a Hurricane Harvey Rescue Video?


CNN was held entertainment a thespian rescue during Hurricane Harvey.





A video display CNN contributor Drew Griffin and his news organisation rushing to a rescue of a male who incidentally gathering his lorry into a tiny depth flooded by Hurricane Harvey went viral on 30 Aug 2017:

This footage was widely common along with regard for Griffin and his crew, though roughly immediately some viewers indicted a news network of entertainment a rescue.

This sold swindling theory, like many swindling theories, hinges on zero some-more than an improper observation: Griffin was allegedly wearing shorts in one apportionment of a video, though pants in another. InfoWars.com attempted to explain a basement for this accusation:

The video afterwards cuts to a impulse when a car becomes marooned in a water. After about 20 seconds, Griffin is seen using towards a vehicle. He is wearing khaki shorts and trainers.

However, in a subsequent clip, where Griffin is seen pulling a male out of a water, he is now wearing dim pants and boots.

Although InfoWars.com provides a set of images display dual group in CNN-branded red jackets — one wearing shorts and a other wearing pants — they did not explain how a habit change would infer that this video had been staged, or how changing into pants from shorts would be required for a entertainment of such a video:

This is a indecisive point, of course, as Griffin did not change his garments during a march of this footage. The 4 group that can be seen in a video are contributor Drew Griffin (wearing a red coupler and pants), photographer Scott Pisczek (wearing a black shirt and shorts), producer Brian Rokus (wearing a red coupler and shorts), and Jerry Sumrall (the male who was pulled from a truck, who is not wearing a red jacket). 

Those peddling this explain apparently trust that a male speckled in shorts (around a :31 mark) was contributor Drew Griffin, not his margin writer Brian Rokus. But on reviewing a footage, this is not physically possible. Griffin can be seen using off shade to a left as he chases down a lorry down a ravine. When a camera pans over, it shows a second male (Rokus, wearing shorts) who is already station nearby a water. Judging by a time that passes between Griffin’s depart from a screen, a instruction that he was running, and a audio of his footsteps crunching opposite a grass, it is not probable for Griffin to be a male in shorts.

What is even reduction transparent is because CNN — a association that has been in a video news business for decades — would put out a hoax video that was so sloppily edited. 

Matt Dornic, CNN’s clamp boss of communications, sent us a sketch of Griffin and Rokus on location. Both group are graphic wearing red CNN-branded jackets, as is customary for margin stating and producing:

Dornic also called a accusations “total BS” in a tweet:

We were also means to perspective a tender footage of CNN’s rescue, and can endorse that a usually things of note edited out of a strange footage were a few off-camera abuse difference and roughly 90 seconds of a becloud travel sign. 

This swindling speculation hinges on a thought that Drew Griffin altered from shorts to pants in a center of his report. And nonetheless we still aren’t certain how this fact would be applicable in a entertainment of a rescue, this video indeed shows dual opposite men, Griffin and his writer Brian Rokus, wearing identical red jackets.

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