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Dimitri Payet nets glorious late leader for France vs. Romania

Dimitri Payet constructed a marvellous late idea to safeguard contest hosts France started Euro 2016 with a 2-1 win over Romania.

The diversion seemed to be headed for a pull after Bogdan Stancu’s chastisement leveled Olivier Giroud’s opener, though Payet sent a Stade de France into raptures with an 89th-minute winner.

Romania should have been in front inside 4 minutes. Nicolae Stanciu floated a dilemma in from a left, it was flicked on and fell to Stancu totally unmarked in a six-yard area — though he somehow shot true during Hugo Lloris with a idea during his forgiveness and France scrambled it behind for another corner.

Florin Andone got to a dilemma first, though his header usually looped onto a roof of a net.

It was France’s spin to be on a conflict in a 10th minute, Giroud streamer inches far-reaching after Payet had crossed to a nearby post.

France were improving, Antoine Griezmann streamer opposite a post after reacting to a lax round in a 14th minute.

But nonetheless a horde republic were on top, Romania managed to quieten them down and it wasn’t until only before a half hour that they subsequent had an bid — Paul Pogba sharpened good over from distance.

Griezmann afterwards got on a finish of a Payet cranky in a 37th notation and it flashed only wide. Replays suggested to took a transparent deflection off a defender though a goal-kick was given, met by jeers from a home crowd.

France continued to onslaught to create, notwithstanding enjoying a lion’s share of possession and Romania occasionally looking to attack, and a dual teams went in turn during a mangle after Giroud could not keep his header down in combined time.

Romania started a second half only as they began a first, on a front feet perplexing to locate France cold. And Stanciu had a shining possibility to measure in a 48th minute, his acrobatic bid drifting far-reaching when he had got in allege of a final defender and a dwindle stayed down.

France’s initial possibility after a interlude again fell to Giroud in a 52nd minute, his snap shot true during goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu who done his initial save of a game.

Tatarusanu was called on again mins after to keep out Pogba. Payet cut behind inside withdrawal his defender on a rug and picked out a unmarked Pogba on a dilemma of a box, and a Juventus midfielder’s drilled shot was beaten divided by a keeper.

France finally took a lead in a 57th minute, and Giroud done justification for his misses. Payet was again a architect, channel from a right flank, and a Arsenal striker got there before Tatarusanu to conduct into an dull net. The goalkeeper claimed he was fouled though in law he wandered into no man’s land and Giroud was substantially one step ahead.

Andone headed over shortly after a restart, Giroud mad with a counterclaim for withdrawal him unmarked so shortly after he had damaged a deadlock.

But a lead didn’t final prolonged as Romania equalised in a 65th minute. Patrice Evra was adjudged to have tripped Stanciu in a area, and Stancu done no mistake in promulgation Lloris a wrong approach from a chastisement spot.

Ovidiu Hoban had an desirous bid 10 mins from time though it went approach over Lloris’ goal, before surrogate Anthony Martial strike a tame shot true during Tatarusanu.

But only as it looked like France had run out of ideas, Payet constructed a overwhelming leader in a 89th minute. He combined space for himself only outward a box before curling a glorious left-footed bid into a tip dilemma of a net.

Moussa Sissoko detonate transparent in combined time looking for third though crushed a shot good far-reaching from a dilemma of a box.

Article source: http://www.espnfc.com/report?gameId=438204