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Distorting a Truth: Behind a Magnitsky Act Film (Op-Ed)

The Moscow International film festival on Tuesday screened “The Magnitsky Act — Behind a Scenes.” The executive grounds of a film is that a U.S. was hoodwinked into supporting trusting Russian officials by adopting a Magnitsky Act after a genocide of counsel Sergei Magnitsky.

we was Sergei’s trainer and we am both a conflicting and a misadventure in a quarrel between a Russian supervision and a truth. Since Magnitsky’s detain roughly 7 years ago, a organisation of his friends, colleagues and tellurian rights activists have been in an constant quarrel with a Russian government.

We examine everybody concerned both in a crimes Sergei reported and in his murder. We name them, contrition them and pull for their sum ostracism from a West and a lien of each item we can find outward Russia’s borders.

We are a tiny organisation of people station adult to a Russian supervision and doing a one thing that scares them a many — lobbying for laws to take divided a income and general transport privileges of a kleptocrats. The quarrel has been fought in many forums — in a courts, in parliaments, on YouTube and now a quarrel has stretched to a large screen.

The significance of this quarrel from a Russian government’s viewpoint is elementary to understand. Someone stole hundreds of millions of dollars from a Russian Treasury. If hurtful Russian officials were behind it, afterwards a Russian supervision has been safeguarding a right of a officials to take from their possess people — adult to a indicate of supporting murder. That is not a account a Russian supervision can afford. Not during home and not abroad.

And so a Russian supervision has a possess account — we stole a money. All those abounding Russian officials are innocent. In fact they are definitely heroic. They bear a complicated weight of their unfair harm with beauty and merit a sympathy.

This brings me behind to a movie. we was troubled a initial time we saw it. It steady a common claims of a Russian supervision — that Magnitsky’s detain was justified, that he wasn’t mistreated in prison, that his genocide was natural.

The grounds of Andrei Nekrasov’s film is that while creation a radio docudrama, he detected shocking contribution about a case. His favourite was a crook, a crooks were heroes and a West was “duped.”

The some-more we watched, a angrier we became, quite during a impulse when Nekrasov interviewed Sergei’s mother, Natalya. She says in Russian something that clearly means “It is formidable for me to accept [deal with] a fact that Sergei was beaten only before he died and Nekrasov — smooth in both Russian and English — disingenuously translates that as “It’s formidable for me to accept he was beaten before he died” and Nekrasov chimes in “Ah! Even Magnitsky’s mom doesn’t trust he was beaten!” That was when we knew all we indispensable to know about Nekrasov.

When a Panama Papers story broke, a Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) claimed that Putin’s good friend, a cellist Sergei Roldugin owned bombard companies by that hundreds of millions of dollars had passed.

The Economist combined oil to a glow and reported that a OCCRP claims to have bank annals display that one of Roldugin’s companies even got some of a income from a crime Magnitsky reported. So what happens? The film was immediately edited to embody a partial that attempts to discharge Roldugin.

The timing of a film is as educational as a director’s edits. It was expelled only as a U.S. was about to enhance a Magnitsky sanctions.

It was also expelled only as Russian radio showed a film national that supposed to uncover that William Browder and oppositioner Alexey Navalny are CIA and MI6 spies.

Just as a Russian supervision was creation a new focus to Interpol for William Browder’s extradition and only when Putin’s ultra-rich friends were wining and dining members of a U.S. Congress who were visiting Russia only before a opinion on a stretched Magnitsky sanctions.

Seen in context, all is clear. Nekrasov has a customer and a pursuit to do. He is one of many doing that job. Creating doubt where there is none. Fighting efforts to repudiate kleptocrats entrance to a banks and a countries. That’s what’s unequivocally function behind a scenes. Nekrasov might be a executive though he’s not a one essay a script.

Jamison Firestone is an profession and Sergei Magnitsky’s former boss.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573943.html