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Doctor Who Finally Has a Female Doctor

It’s a large day for tennis fans and Whovians alike, as a BBC announced this weekend they’d be divulgence a temperament of a thirteenth iteration of Doctor Who after a Men’s Final on Sunday. Well, a Men’s Final has concluded, Roger Federer won his eighth Wimbledon title, and a thirteenth Doctor is strictly Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker.

The BBC announced a news in a brief teaser that starts with a hooded figure walking solemnly by a woods. Inside their open palm appears a intense pivotal to a TARDIS, and afterwards Whittaker reaches adult to lift behind her hood, divulgence her face.

For those who haven’t been following a thespian account of this Doctor Who announcement, fans have been clamoring mightily for a non-white-male Time Lord ever given a finish of Peter Capaldi’s reign was announced this past January, and had been buzzing about a awaiting even before he was expel in 2013. Previous showrunner Steven Moffat had repeatedly defended his preference to expel another male in a role, notwithstanding a fan outcry. Even Who alum Karen Gillan thinks it’s time for a womanlike Time Lord.

But with new showrunners come new eras, and Chris Chibnall, also before of BBC’s Broadchurch, will be holding over Doctor Who in 2018. Whittaker was announced as one of a favorites heading adult to a casting announcement. Before her starring spin in Broadchurch, she also had roles in Attack a Block, ABC’s The Assets, and an part of Black Mirror (“The Entire History of You”—remember, a one where Toby Kebbell goes nuts perplexing to figure out if his mother is sleeping with someone else by replaying all of his memories). She’ll be a initial womanlike Doctor in story after 55 years and twelve other iterations of a character. Time Lords can seem as anyone or anything they want, and with today’s proclamation many fans breathed a long-held whine of relief. A universe in that a Doctor can finally be a lady is, well, fantastic.

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