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Donald Trump claims NBC paid him some-more than $213 million for ‘Apprentice’

NBC paid Donald Trump in additional of $213 million for 14 seasons of his reality-competition show, “The Apprentice,” a real-estate noble and Republican Presidential claimant pronounced in an choosing filing Wednesday.

“During a 14 seasons of ‘The Apprentice,’ Mr. Trump was paid $213,606,575,” Trump’s debate pronounced in a recover detailing information he supposing to a Federal Election Commission.

NBC was not means to offer evident comment.

NBC in late Jun cut ties with Trump after a presidential carefree done some remarks about Mexicans that many people trust were offensive. In a news discussion announcing his bid for a GOP presidential nomination, Trump asserted that many immigrants who transport opposite a U.S. limit are “rapists” and lift drugs. NBC ran versions of Trump’s “Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” for scarcely a decade and a half. NBCUniversal and Trump were also partners in a longstanding Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision also sundered a tie to a celebrity, observant it would not promote a Miss USA manifestation to a viewers.

Reelz, a wire network, recently aired a Miss USA manifestation for 2015.

The volume of income NBC is pronounced to have paid Trump expected dwarfs a volume of income a network cumulative from “Apprentice” advertisers in new seasons. The normal cost of a 30-second mark in “The Apprentice” for a 2014-2015 deteriorate was a insignificant $64,900, according to a Variety consult of primetime ad prices.

Trump’s debate pronounced a claimant took in $362 million in 2014, incompatible dividends, interest, collateral gains, rents and royalties.

In a statement, Trump pronounced he was “fighting to Make America Great Again. we demeanour brazen to a plea of winning a presidency and doing a illusory pursuit for a country. we will make a United States abounding and clever and reputable again, though also a nation with a large heart‟ toward a caring of a people.”

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