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Donald Trump Fires Back At Hillary Clinton After She Mocks Him On ‘SNL’

Donald Trump wasn’t amused with Hillary Clinton’s waggish ‘SNL’ blueprint with Kate McKinnon, and snuck in a secret puncture during his associate claimant on Twitter. Haven’t we schooled by now that if we contend ANYTHING about Donald, good or bad, he’s not going to only let it go?

Donald Trump, 67, apparently watched a extraordinary deteriorate 41 premiere of Saturday Night Live on Oct 3, since he common some clear opinions about a episode. The cold open mocking Donald and his mother Melania? Totally hilarious. Real-life Hillary Clinton carrying a plead with Kate McKinnon in a opposite sketch? Not. Okay.

In a waggish “Hillary Clinton Bar Talk” sketch, Kate’s chronicle of Hillary is perplexing to take during easy during a bar, where she’s served by barkeeper Val — a IRL-Hillary. They share their thoughts on politics, a presidential race, all plaguing Hillary’s mind during this perplexing time…including some brag named Donald.

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“Oh Val. I’m only so damn bummed. All anyone ever wants to speak about is Donald Trump,” Hillary (Kate) tells a barkeeper after they’ve “bumped their fists in friendship.”

“Donald Trump? Isn’t he a one who’s like ‘uhhh you’re all losers,’” Val says, doing a mark on fabrication of Donald. It’s so good that even Kate can’t assistance breaking. The dual plead Donald’s chances of indeed winning a primaries; Hillary wants this to occur because, “I contingency be a one to take him down. we will destroy him and we will mountain his hair in a Oval Office!”

So…Donald wasn’t really happy with this sketch. He retweeted one of his supporters on Oct 3, who said: “ plays a approach improved feign than a genuine plays herself ” Damn, guys. Okay, Donald and his constant supporter are really dissapoint that Kate and Hillary brave call him names. But there’s some elemental problems here. Hillary didn’t play herself on SNL. She played a barkeeper named Val. Argument invalid!

Now, Taran Killam‘s cold open with Cecily Strong was amazing. Taran played Trump to a tee. “It’s really simple,” Taran, as Donald, says in a sketch. “I get in there, taxes go down, everybody gets a job, salaries go approach up, we build a wall, it’s huge. Over in China, they’re going to say, ‘Now, that’s a wall!’”

The constant Melania (Cecily) is played off as clueless to her husband’s loyal intentions for a country; she’s only so proud! “He’s like everybody else. He puts his hair on one strand during a time!” It’s engaging that Donald doesn’t caring about this mockery, though is so prepared to go after Hillary’s. Sound familiar?

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— Samantha Wilson