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Donald Trump Travels To Florida Following First Presidential Debate


And now let’s go to NPR’s Sarah McCammon who is in Melbourne, Fla., where Donald Trump is holding a convene this evening. Hi, Sarah.


SIEGEL: We usually listened Tam Keith articulate about how Clinton and a Clinton discuss feel like they got Donald Trump to contend things he competence bewail about taxes or other issues. Is that how Donald Trump sees it?

MCCAMMON: Well, we know, Trump is observant a integrate of things that kind of seem to be in conflict. So he’s suggesting that a moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, was astray to ask about those things. He says he should have asked Clinton about Benghazi and a Clinton Foundation, nonetheless Trump himself didn’t unequivocally move those issues adult really much. But final night Trump told us in a spin room thereafter that he suspicion Lester Holt did a good job, and he pronounced he didn’t do a bad pursuit in an talk on Fox this morning.

And Robert, currently Trump has had to face questions about his taxes, as we’ve heard, which, we know, Hillary Clinton has been bringing adult and also his tongue about women. Clinton criticized him final night for derisive a former skip universe, Alicia Machado’s, weight and her Latino heritage. This was when Trump ran a Miss Universe pageant. And he was asked about that on Fox News this morning.


DONALD TRUMP: She was a winner, and we know, she gained a large volume of weight. And it was a genuine problem. We had a genuine problem – not usually that – her attitude. And we had a genuine problem with her.

MCCAMMON: So there we hear Trump doubling down on this critique of this woman’s weight. And a Clinton discuss is pulling this hard.

SIEGEL: That was this morning. What’s Trump observant to electorate today? More about this, or is he perplexing to change a topic?

MCCAMMON: Well, we know, he’s observant that he won big, that he won a debate, that it was a big-league event, as he put it in front of a throng this afternoon of mostly Cuban-American electorate in Miami. You know, he did advise he competence have been a small shaken before going onstage. He pronounced he didn’t wish to hear about a approaching record distance of this much-watched debate.

But Trump pronounced that polls have him winning. He was really upbeat. He pronounced he felt like he did a good job. And we know, when he says he’s winning a polls there, what he’s referring to, Robert, are some unscientific online surveys that a lot of media organizations put out seeking who won. The Trump discuss has been enlivening his supporters to take those surveys, and he’s, we know, articulate adult a results.

SIEGEL: These are a supposed snap polls finished right after the…


SIEGEL: …Right after a debate. Sarah, thanks.

MCCAMMON: Thank you.

SIEGEL: That’s NPR’s Sarah McCammon who’s in Melbourne, Fla., where Donald Trump is campaigning this evening.

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