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Dozens Reported Dead as Cuban Airliner Crashes

In 1997, a Cubana de Aviación moody crashed off a island’s southeast seashore 3 mins after take off, murdering about 40 people.

A year later, around 80 people were killed when a Cubana de Aviación craft crashed into a margin after holding off from a airfield in Quito, Ecuador. In Dec 1999, dozens of people, many of them Guatemalan medical students, died when a Cubana de Aviación moody skidded off a runway in Guatemala City. Then only a week after that, another of a flights crashed into a towering in Venezuela, murdering all 22 people on board.

There was difficulty over that airline had leased a craft that crashed on Friday to Cubana de Aviación. Initial state media reports pronounced it belonged to Blue Panorama, an Italian company. But that association pronounced a craft was not involved. When reached by phone, an worker during Damojh Airline, also famous as Global Air, reliable a craft belonged to a company.

The pile-up came opposite a backdrop of Cuba’s onslaught to urge blurb aviation on a island nation, that has prolonged faced mercantile constraints from a United States embargo.

A day before a crash, Cuban state newspapers reported on a assembly Cuba’s new clamp president, Salvador Valdés Mesa, hold with pivotal officials from a island’s aviation zone to plead challenges.

The news pronounced that Roberto Peña Samper, a boss of a Cuban Aviation Corporation, bemoaned that a “embargo placed by unbroken American administrations prevents” a island “from appropriation a resources required to work a incomparable swift of planes and to raise airfield services.”

Cubana de Aviación dangling a domestic flights in March, several news outlets reported. The U.S. government-funded news site Radio Marti posted a print of a pointer on a airline’s doorway display that all a flights had been canceled.

A confidence ensure told Radio Marti that there were “literally no planes,” and combined that a ones that sojourn are “in really bad condition.”

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