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Dream for Nyquist, tutor O’Neill, sinks in Pimlico mud

11:03 PM ET

BALTIMORE — They burst jokes and exchanged fist bumps, so loose and assured in their equine that during one point, millionaire owners Paul Reddam, plopped on a cosmetic bin, mutilated a yawn. This was 90 mins before a Preakness — a competition that would possibly set Nyquist adult to follow in a gilded horseshoes of American Pharoah or start a time on another Triple Crown drought — and nonetheless for Nyquist’s team, there was simply no reason to worry.

The stay believed it had a best equine in a competition and resolutely pronounced as many all week.

And so during 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, when Reddam, tutor Doug O’Neill and O’Neill’s brother, Dennis, huddled adult usually a few stairs divided from Nyquist’s stall, it was some-more pep convene than plan session.

“I don’t worry,” Doug O’Neill said.

“Don’t worry,” Reddam said. “There’s no need to.”

Perhaps, then, we should supplement absentmindedness to a bequest of American Pharoah. The Triple Crown winner’s rush to immortality went off so smoothly, facilely even, that it apparently erased from memory a struggles of a prior 37 years, replacing a prolonged time atmosphere of karma and despondency with a strangest of equine racing outlooks — optimism.

Somewhere, could it happen for Nyquist gave approach to it had to happen.

Except in equine racing, a usually certain thing is there is no certain thing. The best equine does not always win, and a competition is not frequently rewarded with a happy ending.

Exaggerator, runner-up to Nyquist during a Kentucky Derby and incompetent to kick his nemesis in 4 tries, charged adult a rail before creation a discerning spin for a outside, winning a competition by 3½ lengths, with Nyquist vanishing to third behind Cherry Wine.

Within minutes, O’Neill, trailed by his mother and dual children, quick descended a stairs from his observation area. As he reached a final stair, dual women, lonesome in cosmetic ponchos on a rain-soaked day, screamed, ‘We did it! We did it!’ in jubilee of Exaggerator’s victory.

Only 30 mins earlier, a cheers were all for O’Neill. As he followed his horse, trailed by an environment that grew by a notation and eventually enclosed a pro hockey actor and ex-NBAer, fans screamed his name and snapped his picture, some already creation skeleton for a Belmont Stakes. “See we in New York,” some-more than one yelled.

Nyquist still competence competition during a Belmont, yet it won’t be as a equine in a hunt for a Triple Crown.

“It’s a bummer to lose,” O’Neill said. “I had been envisioning a Triple Crown-type story here, yet it wasn’t meant to be.”

And now equine racing will find out either or not it can means a newfound seductiveness yet a allure of a Triple Crown.

A record throng of 135,256 filed by a gates during Pimlico, defying a gloomy continue foresee and quick a drizzle that incited into a solid sleet by post time. It’s impossible, of course, to know accurately because people came to a race, yet Maryland Jockey Club owners Sal Sinatra pronounced final week that he positively believed American Pharoah’s ancestral run incited infrequent fans on to a sport.

Now, with no Triple Crown on a line, will a probable Exaggerator-Nyquist rubber compare be adequate to attract people to New York and a Belmont?

More troublesome, a would-be feel-good Nyquist story already is being transposed by questions about a fee racing takes on horses after two horses died progressing in a day after racing during Pimlico Race Course. Homeboykris, a leader in a initial competition of a day, collapsed on his approach behind to a barn, a 9-year-old gelding pang what trainers suspected was a heart attack. Three races later, Pramedya suffered a detonate in her front leg and was euthanized on a track. Pramedya was owned by a same people who owned Barbaro, a Kentucky Derby leader who pennyless down during a Preakness 10 years ago.

PETA immediately expelled a statement, job on a owners of both horses to recover their veterinary records.

The impact of all of a above will be dynamic in a days and weeks heading adult to Jun 11, when a Belmont Stakes is run.

There’s no denying, though, what competence have been had Nyquist hold on. The same equine who, notwithstanding an 8-0 record, carried some-more than a few skeptics into a Kentucky Derby, arrived in Baltimore as a stone star. Nyquist’s stable was a beehive of activity all week, debate groups and fans waltzing by in a hopes of removing a glance during a horse. On competition day, a ease before a charge — literally, as a rains didn’t unequivocally start in aspiring until about 5:30 p.m. — quick gave approach as a time solemnly and usually inched toward post time. At 4:30 p.m., a former Indiana policemen charged with portion as confidence and Nyquist ‘s “bodyguards” idled in folding chairs around a barn. Within an hour, a stable was pressed to overflowing. Former Kentucky basketball actor Rex Chapman arrived, as did Colorado Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson.

More than once, a confidence folks cautioned people to watch their backs, preoccupied as horses were walked around a stable behind them.

For all a sound and expectation, O’Neill was a design of California calm. He pronounced he spent many of a day in Reddam’s tent on a front side, vigilant to suffer a day rather than hang himself adult with worry. He doled out fist bumps to anyone and everyone, even giving a peaceful daub on a nose to one of a horses in a stable and another to his son, Dan, right before he went on live television.

At 6 p.m., Nyquist finally emerged from his case and, after a few walks around, headed to a stakes barn. O’Neill stood in a sleet watchful for a all transparent to start a travel over to a paddock, posing for cinema and jolt hands. At one point, Chapman snapped a shot of O’Neill with his children and Reddam.

“My adopted family,” Reddam joked.

“Hey, we finally have a abounding uncle,” O’Neill deadpanned.

The tutor certified to butterflies in his stomach, yet not a shaken kind.

“I’m usually excited,” he said. “I usually wish to have a good, purify race. we wish that for everyone.”

After saddling Nyquist in a extravagantly swarming indoor paddock, O’Neill done his approach to a territory lane and spoke with manoeuvre Mario Gutierrez. He reminded a manoeuvre that a lane was personification flattering quick yet pronounced he wanted Nyquist to go out aggressively anyway.

“If we win a initial turn,” O’Neill said, “we win a race.”

Nyquist did win a initial turn. Just not a race.

O’Neill refused to take any offering excuses — no, a messy lane didn’t matter, he said, and conjunction did a two-week turnaround from a Derby. He conceded a early speed competence have played a partial in things — Nyquist raced to a quarter-mile stick in a peppery 22.38 — yet if there was a array sitting in his stomach, carrying watched his dream disappear in a mud, O’Neill didn’t share it.

“They’re not machines,” O’Neill said. “Being 8-for-8, we didn’t consider he would ever lose, yet they all remove one time or another. He ran a good race, and as distant as I’m concerned, he’s still a winner.”

And afterwards O’Neill, his boots caked in sand and his hair drizzling with rain, walked off a lane to go see his horse.

As he left, a open residence announcer welcomed Exaggerator to a winner’s circle.

So there was a happy finale during a racetrack on Saturday.

Just not a one many people had hoped for.

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