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Drew Brees says he could get ‘involved’ with politics after he retires – CBS …

Is this a face of a destiny politician? (USATSI)

Drew Brees once pronounced that he thinks he’ll be means to play football until age 45. Even if Brees, now 36, manages to stay in a diversion as prolonged as he hopes, he’ll still have to eventually face life but football.

When Brees was asked about his destiny after a NFL, he claimed that he wasn’t even meditative about that yet. He did, however, acknowledge that politics could be in his future.

“I don’t know about what aspects of politics,” Brees told Fox 8, “but we could see myself concerned in it during some indicate potentially. There are so many things we wish to do, and I’m positively not shutting a doorway on anything. When we weigh whatever it’s going to be, it’s No. 1, do we have a passion for it? No. 2, do we feel like we could make a difference? That’s unequivocally a things we would demeanour during whenever we would weigh an event like that.”

Of course, if Brees goes from quarterback to politician, he’ll frequency be a initial contestant to make a transition. A stream instance is former NBA actor Kevin Johnson, who is now a mayor of Sacramento. Prior to rising his domestic career, Johnson played in a NBA for some-more than a decade.

But, as formerly mentioned, Brees says retirement and life after football are in a behind of his mind.

“My mind is not even tighten to being there,” Brees said. “But, we mean, listen, am we someday no longer going to be personification football? Yeah. At some point. But I’m not meditative about that time right now.”

Instead, Brees is meditative about winning another championship with a Saints. Interestingly enough, another Super Bowl win would substantially do wonders for any of Brees’ destiny domestic campaigns in New Orleans, if that’s a track that he chooses once he retires.

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