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Drunk motorist travels wrong approach on twin carriageway and smashes into automobile – afterwards walks divided unharmed

A drunk driver who ploughed into a parked automobile while guzzling cider on a wrong side of a twin carriage approach miraculously walked divided totally unharmed.

Peter Kellett, 62, was pushing conduct on into approaching trade on a categorical A361 North Devon couple highway when he crushed into a Land Rover on a tough shoulder.

The second automobile was also badly shop-worn and a motorist sitting inside suffered a conduct injury, concussion, whiplash and soothing hankie damage.

But remarkably Kellett didn’t humour a scratch, a justice heard, permitting him to stand from his automobile before transfer a cans on a roadside before military could arrive.

He was after arrested for drink-driving when he certified he had bought 4 cans before a expostulate from his Staffordshire home, a justice heard.

Peter Kellett crash
The pile-up stage caused by Peter Kellett

He pronounced he was formulation to splash them once he got to Ilfracombe in North Devon though drank them on a way. He pronounced he pulled into a layby after realising he was drunk.

Kellett certified drink-driving and avoided jail with a four-year ban.

Prosecuting, Philip Sewell told North Devon magistrates: “He went to lift in to a layby and doesn’t remember saying another parked vehicle.

“He pronounced he had been celebration a day before and while celebration in his automobile and realised he would be commanding up.”

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He added: “There were several witnesses who saw a demeanour of driving. After a collision he was seen in a layby throwing cans from his car.”

The justice listened Kellett had formerly been unfit from pushing for 28 months in Apr 2012 for drink-driving.

Defending, Tim Hook pronounced Kellett designed industrial machine and was a industrious male who lived alone.

Peter kellett crash
Peter Kellett, withdrawal a North Devon Magistrates’ Court

“Occasionally, due to romantic distresses he practice especially due to a detriment of his son, he drinks some-more than he should,” pronounced Mr Hook. “He accepts he shouldn’t have dipsomaniac anything while in a car.”

Kellett spoke in justice to apologize to a male in a Land Rover, who was benefaction during a hearing.

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He said: “I would like to apologize to a lady for what we have done. we know that doesn’t cut any ice.”

Presiding court Michael Buckley said: “We perspective this corruption in a many critical way, exacerbated by a fact we were celebration while pushing along.”

Kellett was also given a village sequence with 100 hours’ delinquent work and systematic to compensate £85 costs.

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