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Dylan Farrow Asks Why Woody Allen Has Been Spared After Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Woody Allen’s daughter Dylan Farrow is seeking since her father has been spared in a arise of a Harvey Weinstein scandal and a successive #MeToo movement.

“Why is it that Harvey Weinstein and other indicted celebrities have been expel out by Hollywood, while Allen recently cumulative a multimillion-dollar placement understanding with Amazon …?” Farrow wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

“The complement worked for Harvey Weinstein for decades. It works for Woody Allen still,” she added.

Farrow – who is one of a star’s 3 children with ex Mia Farrow – publicly claimed that Allen molested her as a child in an emotional op-ed for a New York Times in 2014. The executive has adamantly denied Dylan’s accusations in a past, though declined to criticism before to announcement of Thursday’s article.

“I have prolonged confirmed that when we was 7 years old, Woody Allen led me into an attic, divided from a babysitters who had been educated never to leave me alone with him,” Farrow wrote in the L.A. Times. “He afterwards intimately assaulted me. we told a law to a authorities then, and we have been revelation it, unaltered, for some-more than 20 years.”

In response to Farrow’s op-ed, a deputy for Allen told PEOPLE, “Dylan Farrow’s allegations opposite Woody Allen, that she initial done 25 years ago, have been entirely examined by law coercion officials and child gratification investigators. The investigators resolved unambiguously that Dylan Farrow was not intimately abused. No charges were ever filed, and a reason is simple: since Woody Allen is innocent.”

Allen’s son Ronan Farrow also formerly penned a column for the Hollywood Reporter, that addressed a passionate abuse claims and cursed a media for not seeking Allen about a allegations and stars for operative with him. In response, Allen told The Guardian, “I have no seductiveness in all of that. we find that all publication stupidity.”

Farrow’s accusations played a purpose in a 1993 control conference between her mom and Allen. “A decider denied him control of me, essay that ‘measures contingency be taken to protect’ me and that there was ‘no convincing evidence’ that my mother, Mia Farrow, coached me in any way,” she wrote. “A prosecutor took a surprising step of announcing that he had probable cause to assign Allen though declined in sequence to gangling me, a ‘child victim,’ from an burdensome trial.”

She added, “It is a covenant to Allen’s open family group and his lawyers that few know these elementary facts. It also speaks to a army that have historically stable group like Allen: a income and energy deployed to make a elementary complicated, to massage a story.”

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Farrow went on to impugn actors — like Kate WinsletBlake Lively and Greta Gerwig — who have declined to reject Allen notwithstanding publicly rebuking Weinstein. For instance, she remarkable that Lively, who starred in Allen’s Café Society, lauded a “uprising” opposite Weinstein, though pronounced of a director, “It’s really dangerous to cause in things we don’t know anything about. we could [only] know my experience.

She also indicted Allen of regulating a same “defense-through-intimidation” strategy as Weinstein to stay in power. “In 1997, Connecticut Magazine reported that Allen’s authorised group had hired private investigators, including ones reserved to find deleterious information on law coercion officials operative a sex-abuse case,” she alleged, among other examples.

“Even now, we demur to pronounce out,” she wrote. “Allen’s savvy affiliates know that it’s indecorous to approach attacks during me, an purported victim, and so a reproach is destined at my mother again and again. It’s awful and enraging.”

Farrow also distinguished actors like Ellen Page who said she regretted operative with Allen on To Rome with Love. “It meant a universe to me when Ellen Page pronounced she regretted operative with Allen, and when actresses Jessica Chastain and Susan Sarandon told a universe since they never would,” she wrote.

While Farrow pronounced she is happy to see a enlightenment “shifting rapidly,” she noted, “My claim is apparently still only too complicated, too difficult, too ‘dangerous,’ to use Lively’s term, to confront.”

She added, “It isn’t only energy that allows group indicted of passionate abuse to keep their careers and their secrets. It is also the common choice to see elementary situations as formidable and apparent conclusions as a matter of ‘who can say?’”

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