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Elephone U Pro review: beautiful China counterpart of Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone has extraordinary battery life

For people operative in or around consumer wiring production, a tenure “China speed” – that describes how quick Chinese factories are means to shake out products – has turn utterly popular. The Elephone U Pro is one of a best examples of this.

Not customarily did a prototype to this phone, a Elephone S8, strike a marketplace customarily in Sep 2017, a U Pro also kick a unequivocally apparent impulse to a marketplace by a good few weeks.

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If anyone remotely informed with smartphones can't already tell what a U Pro’s source of impulse is by looking during it, here’s another hint: this phone was creatively slated to be called a S9 before a last-minute name change.

Design and hardware

Yes, a Elephone U Pro is a rather contemptuous counterpart of a Samsung Galaxy S9, a Korean wiring giant’s flagship phone that is still a week divided from being strictly expelled (though leaks have all though reliable a phone’s looks).

The front of a Galaxy S9 is easy adequate to copy, deliberation it has a same face as a S8. But a U Pro does a conspicuous pursuit of recreating not customarily a slim bezels and dull arrangement corners, though also a pleasing twin curves of a screen. Even to lerned eyes, it’s unequivocally tough to tell a disproportion between a U Pro and Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 customarily by looking during a front.

The behind of a U Pro uses Gorilla Glass 5 and has a same plumb aligned twin camera and fingerprint reader blueprint as a Galaxy S9 (according to leaks).

Unless we positively can’t mount copycats, a U Pro’s pattern will impress. It’s a beautiful phone – frankly, it’s extraordinary that a small, mostly different association can qualification something that approximates a look, feel and craftsmanship of a flagship product from a association with such vastly higher resources.

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The customarily beating in a U Pro’s hardware is a chip set. It customarily has a Snapdragon 660 inside, that is from Qualcomm’s mid-tier SoC line – a bit reduction absolute than a Snapdragon 845 that is rumoured to energy Samsung’s arriving flagship. But that’s comparing a U Pro to Samsung; if we review it to a peers – phones by tiny Chinese makers who tend to cut costs by going with cheaper MediaTek chips – afterwards Elephone has done large strides.

Software and features

The U Pro, surprisingly, ships with a latest chronicle of Android 8.0. This is another monument in a inexpensive Shenzhen phone market, where models customarily boat with comparison versions of Android since they are easier to source in China though going by Google (and profitable a fees) officially.

What’s more, a program knowledge is indeed flattering good. Elephone’s Android skin is lean, and a biggest further is a acquire one: a U Pro lets users do divided with a normal Android navigation buttons in foster of swiping gestures from a bottom of a screen.

After regulating a iPhone X and enjoying a swipe-based navigation, we find a Android buttons dated. What Elephone is charity here is a forward-thinking thought that Google will substantially exercise during some point.

Performance and battery life

The Snapdragon 660 isn’t a powerhouse though both in genuine life and benchmark testing, a U Pro achieved well. The 6GB of RAM and gaunt Android 8.0 substantially helped, though a phone also scored 5,197 on Geekbench’s multi-core processor test. This is on standard with 2016’s best phones, such as a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Where a U Pro shines is battery life. The phone consistently done it to a finish of a day with over 30 per cent battery life to spare. On one day it gave me a whopping 8 hours of screen-on time over a 17-hour day (major flagships from Samsung and Sony tend to tip out during four-and-a-half hours).

The 3,550 mAh battery, total with Android 8.0 and a 1080p arrangement resolution, is a winning multiple for battery efficiency. Only a Huawei Mate 10 Pro has improved battery life out of new releases.

For photography, a U Pro has dual 13-megapixel cameras on a behind and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It’s a bit of a churned bag. While it can lift off plain bokeh shots, photos in low light suffer, and video recording is unequivocally jerky.

Considering that this phone isn’t labelled anywhere tighten to flagships from Samsung or Apple – or even LG and HTC – we consider a camera’s peculiarity is justified.


The U Pro in a opening is excellent. But Elephone has unequivocally placed a phone in a uncanny mark with a US$420 pricing. It is significantly some-more costly than a peers among niche Shenzhen phone makers, that tend to sell phones in a sub-US$200 range. And while a U Pro is improved in each approach than those phones, it is not utterly as absolute as a OnePlus 5T, that is customarily about US$100 more.

Elephone’s small-scale operation and miss of code participation could also be a regard to buyers who design after sales service. OnePlus isn’t accurately a domicile name either, though it’s most some-more creditable in a Android village and is corroborated by a billion-dollar corporation, so consumers can have some-more assent of mind.

As it stands now, a U Pro is for a unequivocally niche organisation of people who find US$200 phones too inexpensive and US$500 phones too expensive. Or for someone who unequivocally wants a Samsung Galaxy S9 though can’t, or won’t, compensate a rumoured US$1,100 cost tag.

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Key specs

Dimensions: 154mm x 72.5mm x 8.4mm

Weight: 166g

Display: 6-inch 2,160 x 1,080 IPS LCD

Battery: 3,550 mAh

OS chronicle reviewed: Android 8.0

Processor: Snapdragon 660

Cameras: Dual 13-megapixel (rear); 8 megapixel (front)

Memory: 128GB, 6GB RAM

Colours: Black, blue

Price: US$420

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