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Eleven Found Dead After Helicopter Crash Off West Norway

At slightest 11 died and dual were blank after a helicopter carrying people from a Statoil ASA-operated oil and gas margin offshore Norway crashed nearby Bergen on Norway’s west coast.

The CHC helicopter was carrying 13 passengers and organisation when it went down around noon nearby Turoey, outward Bergen, entrance behind from a Gullfaks B platform. Eleven have been found passed and dual people are still unaccounted for, pronounced John Sjursoe, a press orator for a corner rescue center.

Rescue army work during a seaside west of Bergen following a pile-up on Apr 29.

“We’re acid though letup though we fear a worst,” pronounced Morten Kronen, a military operations leader. The helicopter crashed on land on a approach to Bergen’s Flesland airport, and it’s too early to contend anything about what caused a accident, he said.

It was a initial lethal moody collision in Norway’s offshore attention given 1997, when a helicopter on a approach to a Norne margin crashed in a Norwegian Sea, murdering all 12 onboard. The latest deadliness in a attention happened in December, when one chairman was killed after a call crashed into a supply engaged by Statoil. 

The rotor blade of a helicopter, a Eurocopter 225, was found on land while a carcass was underneath H2O during a abyss of 6 meters to 7 meters, according to Sjursoe.

In a adjacent U.K., helicopter flights were dangling as recently as 2013 after 4 people were killed in a pile-up of a appurtenance carrying workers from a rig.

Statoil, that is 67 percent owned by a government, has grounded all helicopters of a same type, it pronounced in a apart statement. Norway’s biggest oil and gas association acts as a user of some-more than 70 percent of a country’s output. Statoil owns 51 percent of Gullfaks, entirely state-owned Petoro 30 percent and Austria’s OMV 19 percent.

All 11 passengers were Statoil employees, while a dual organisation members worked for CHC, Sjursoe said. Eleven onboard were Norwegians and a dual others were British and Italian, he said.

“Statoil mobilized a puncture classification in Stavanger and Bergen,” orator Ola Anders Skauby said. “We’re auxiliary with puncture services and other rescue resources that are on plcae or on their way, and we’re operative to get a improved overview of a situation.”

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