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Elizabeth Smart finally prepared for a film to tell her story

A roundup of news from a Television Critics Association summer meeting, during that TV networks and streaming services are presenting sum on arriving programs.



Elizabeth Smart pronounced it compulsory years for her to attend in a film about her abduction ordeal.

Smart pronounced Friday that she couldn’t have finished so immediately after her abduction from her Salt Lake City home in 2002 during age 14. She was discovered 9 months later, and pronounced Friday she was fervent to “run away” from a experience.

Even as an adult, Smart pronounced it took time and critical contention with producers for her to determine to work on Lifetime’s “I Am Elizabeth Smart.”

Smart pronounced she began to comprehend that such a plan could make a difference. She narrates a drama, that stars visitor Alana Boden as Smart and Skeet Ulrich as her abductor.

“I will contend that it is a best misfortune film I’ve ever seen. we mean, we consider it’s so good done. we consider it was accurate,” she said. “I’m really unapproachable of it, though during a same time, partial of me thinks I’ll be happy if we never have to watch it again.

Smart took advantage of her coming during a TV critics’ assembly to foster AMBER Alert, designed to assistance locate blank children with alerts distributed by media, email and other means. Smart asked that foster a complement and activate it on their intelligent phones.

“I Am Elizabeth Smart” debuts Nov. 18 on Lifetime, preceded by a two-part documentary on Nov. 12 and 13 that Lifetime pronounced will embody new information on a box and fact Smart’s life today.

A ripped-from-the-headlines TV film about a crime, “The Elizabeth Smart Story,” aired in 2003.

Brian David Mitchell, a Utah travel preacher, was convicted of abduction and raping Smart and condemned to life in prison.



Melissa Mays, a proprietor of Flint, Michigan, came armed to plead a city’s sinister H2O predicament and a new Lifetime TV film performing it.

Mays, vocalization to a TV critics’ assembly Friday, forked to several bottles she had filled with her daub H2O and challenged a room to ambience or even smell it. There were no evident takers.

The activist, who pronounced a conflict over H2O reserve continues, is among a residents portrayed in Lifetime’s film patrician “Flint,” debuting Oct. 28. Mays is played by Marin Ireland, who co-stars with Betsy Brandt, Jill Scott and Queen Latifah.

Executive writer Neil Meron pronounced a film is dictated to spotlight what happened in Flint, including how a joined village and “the voice of a people” can force officials to act.

Mays pronounced there have been successes, including a outcome of a lawsuit to get half of a use lines replaced, nonetheless not a categorical lines or interior plumbing.

“So one of a things we wish come out of this is to let people know it’s still not over. It’s not even tighten to over,” she said. The film is dictated to respect Flint victims by revelation a story “that even in a poor, broken, tainted town, we banded together, and we fought. We fought, and we win.”

In 2014, a switch of Flint’s H2O source and disaster to supplement corrosion-reducing phosphates authorised lead from aged pipes to leach into a water. Elevated levels of lead, a neurotoxin, were rescued in children, and 12 people died in a Legionnaires’ illness conflict that experts think was related to a improperly treated water.

An ongoing review has led to charges opposite 13 stream or former supervision officials, including dual managers who Republican Gov. Rick Snyder allocated to run a city.

Last January, state officials pronounced Flint’s H2O complement no longer has lead levels surpassing a sovereign limit. The proclamation was soon met by doubt from some residents, Mays among them, progressing a complement still contains lead and continues to means illness.

Brandt, a former “Breaking Bad” star who’s a local of Bay City, Michigan, not distant from Flint, pronounced a chairman she portrays, LeeAnne Walters, was among those driven to act when authorities unsuccessful to mind complaints about their children apropos ill.

“As a mom, it only shakes you, since there’s some things that we only should be means to count on,” Brandt said.



The producers of “Outlander” don’t design a play to outstrip a endless array of novels it’s formed on.

Diana Gabaldon has published 8 books about time-traveling British helper Claire Randall, who finds adore and journey with Jamie Fraser in 18th-century Scotland.

Starz’s “Outlander,” starring Caitriona Balfe, earnings for a third deteriorate in September. Drawing on events in novel No. 3, “Voyager,” a array opens immediately after Claire lands behind in her 1948 life. She’s left behind Jamie, played by Sam Heughan.

At a TV critics’ assembly Friday with Balfe and other expel members, writer Ronald Moore pronounced he can’t suppose a unfolding where a array catches adult with Gabaldon’s work.

Fellow writer Maril Davis pronounced they “absolutely” will keep creation a uncover if Starz and studio Sony let them.


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