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Elon Musk Offers Tesla Model 3 Sneak Peek

Tesla denounced a latest electric car, a Model 3, roughly a year ago, though Elon Musk currently supposing a look during an almost-final chronicle of a vehicle.

Musk posted a brief video to Twitter Friday display a “release claimant version” of a Model 3. As we can see below, this thing can accelerate with a quickness.

Musk also currently simplified something: The Model 3 isn’t a inheritor to a Model S. Instead, he wrote, “Model 3 is only a smaller, some-more affordable chronicle of Model S w reduction operation energy fewer features,” and simplified that a “Model S has some-more modernized technology.”

“Am seeing that many people cruise Model 3 is a ‘next version’ of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3,” he wrote. “This is not true.”

Unveiled on Apr 1, 2016, a Model 3 has a starting cost of $35,000, creation it Tesla’s many affordably labelled model. Musk during a time pronounced a bottom chronicle of a Model 3 would go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in reduction than 6 seconds, and expostulate for during slightest 215 miles on a singular charge.

On Twitter today, he also suggested an engaging fact about a car: It was roughly called a Model E instead of a Model 3. Check out what he had to contend about that:

Just in box it’s not so apparent to we because a association would wish to call it Model E, cruise that Tesla already has a Model S and Model X, Musk and Co. figured they’d turn out a lineup with Models S, E, X. Instead, they have a somewhat opposite version: S, 3, X.

This isn’t a initial time Musk has brought passionate innuendos into his product branding. Prior to divulgence a Model S P85D behind in 2014, Musk hyped adult a proclamation with a twitter observant it was “about time to betray a D,” environment off a firestorm of conjecture and jokes.

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