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Elon Musk says SpaceX finally knows what caused a latest rocket failure

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that his association has finally gotten to a bottom of a September 1st Falcon 9 explosion — claiming it was a “toughest puzzle” they’ve ever had to solve. And now that a problem is known, he expects SpaceX to lapse to moody in mid-December.

Speaking on CNBC yesterday, Musk pronounced “it fundamentally involves glass helium, modernized CO fiber composites, and plain oxygen. Oxygen so cold that it indeed enters plain phase.”

So what does that meant exactly? Musk gave some hints a small while ago during a debate he gave to a National Reconnaissance Office. According to a twin perceived by Space News, he argued that a supercooled glass oxygen that SpaceX uses as diesel indeed became so cold that it incited into a solid. And that’s not ostensible to happen.

This plain oxygen competence have had a bad greeting with another square of hardware — one of a vehicle’s glass helium vigour vessels. Three of these vessels lay inside a top oxygen tank that binds a supercooled glass oxygen propellant. They’re obliged for stuffing and pressurizing a dull space that’s left when a diesel leaves a tank. The vessels are also over wrapped with a CO fiber combination material. The plain oxygen that shaped could have lighted with a carbon, causing a blast that broken a rocket.

SpaceX isn’t giving too many some-more sum about a process, and a association declined to give serve construction about what Musk pronounced on CNBC. Plus, it’s misleading what caused a plain oxygen to form. There’s conjecture from a New York Times that if glass helium was used in a vigour vessels, that Musk seems to have indicated, it competence have been cold adequate to solidify a glass oxygen into a solid. Liquid helium exists during -452 degrees Fahrenheit, a lot colder than SpaceX’s glass oxygen diesel during -340 degrees Fahrenheit. And oxygen solidifies during -361 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite all this, SpaceX is assured about removing behind to moody by a finish of a year, formed on what a association has found. And in a new update, SpaceX claims to be focused on improving the helium loading processes so this collision doesn’t occur again.

Article source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/5/13533900/elon-musk-spacex-falcon-9-failure-cause-solved