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Epic Clears Ninja After An Extremely Stupid ‘Fortnite’ Witch Hunt

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It has been utterly a year for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, whose Fortnite gameplay has captivated millions of supporters opposite Twitch and YouTube, ensuing in him alighting sponsorship deals and guest spots on The Ellen Show, in further to a place on a 30 Under 30 list.

But with newfound celebrity comes newfound trolls, and Ninja has been underneath glow by an indignant shred of a Fortnite village in what has incited out to be well, something of a support job, and he’s been privileged by Epic of what a village had indicted him of doing.

The approach we know a strange story, Ninja was indignant that he was killed by a player, whom he indicted of tide sniping (someone who would watch Ninja’s tide and try to get into his diversion to purposefully kill him). The rivalry actor used an display that Ninja used as acknowledgment that he was being sniped (showing off for a camera), and Ninja reported him. In a apart incident, Ninja reported another actor who killed him who had a high ping, as we can news players who have tie issues in a game.


While a initial actor was never reliable to have been criminialized as a outcome of a report, the second actor in doubt incited adult observant that he had his comment criminialized by Epic after his report, that he was only some trusting man who had been taken down by Ninja, a import being that Ninja has a energy to auto-ban anyone due to his high form connectors to Epic.

The community, especially on reddit and YouTube, relished a thought that Ninja had finished something meant and bad and threads and videos were common distant and far-reaching about a span of incidents, and incited into memes about how we improved not annoy Ninja or else Epic will anathema you.

In a end, however, this incited out to be an elaborate criminal job. Epic dug into what accurately had happened here and deduced that a ping-report actor had not been criminialized as a outcome of Ninja’s report, that was discharged due to a fact that there wasn’t adequate evidence, though that a actor after altered his name to that of another criminialized actor to make it look like Ninja’s news had gotten him banned.

The actor in doubt was also held joking about “ending Ninja’s career” on a accessible Discord chat, so if we trust zero else, that’s flattering poignant in and of itself. It seems like this whole conditions was concocted to indicate Ninja’s fury can lambaste pointless players during will, though that isn’t a case. In a end, all Ninja did “wrong” was to get momentarily indignant during a few players. But a village blew it adult to an absurd grade to make Ninja demeanour as bad as possible. In Fortnite circles, great “Ninja got me banned!!” is a recipe to get a whole of attention, and clearly that’s what happened here.

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It’s a tough conditions to be in. Sure, Ninja has gotten indignant during other players from time to time, though a man streams like 60+ hours a week, so you’re going to be means to find a few clips where he’s a bit heated. But a swindling speculation implications here that Ninja has special banning abilities around a approach tube to Epic are ridiculous, and clearly this whole unfolding was concocted to try and harm him.

Ninja has good and bad moments like anyone, though this whole conditions was absurd, and a village was wrong to run with it a approach they did. But things like this is adequate clickbait to final drama-hungry redditors and YouTubers a month, so sadly, it seems unavoidable that this was going to happen, and it will substantially occur again.

I asked Ninja if he had any final thoughts on a incident. “Just overtly that we clearly need to be even improved so situations like this can never happen,” Ninja told me. “No trolling, no joking.”

Correction: Originally this essay conflated dual opposite stating incidents, Epic has released a matter about a second one.

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