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Essential Politics: And so we wait

Cue a Carly Simon song: “Anticipation … is creation me late … is gripping me waiting.”

Yes, we’re watchful on a statewide primary’s ballots to be counted.

Good morning, I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers, and we’ve pronounced it before, though it’s value repeating one some-more time: Election day is now some-more like choosing week. Or longer.

Californians mostly opinion by mail these days, and that means final earnings come in prolonged after choosing night. While we’re solemnly removing a clarity of how many ballots are left to count, we still don’t have a full picture.

Los Angeles County Registrar-County Clerk Dean Logan reported on Wednesday that he had more than 570,000 ballots that still indispensable to be processed and that about 40% of them were provisional ballots — those that are expel by electorate whose temperament and registration still need to be verified.

In all, roughly 6 million ballots have been counted opposite California. Which brings us to a outcome of races large and tiny opposite a Golden State.


Hillary Clinton’s feat in California over Sen. Bernie Sanders, now about a 13% indicate win, might be chalked adult to what we could call a lurch of both work and worry.

As Seema Mehta reports, Democratic debate pros contend Clinton worked tough to try into new tools of a state and done it transparent electorate should be disturbed about a Donald Trump presidency.

It was an generally tough detriment for Sanders. But what about those outrageous rallies a senator hold opposite a state?

“You can have a lot of fad and a constrained summary and enthuse people, though if they don’t uncover adult to vote, it doesn’t matter,” pronounced Democratic strategist Rose Kapoczynski.

Meantime, Cathleen Decker writes that a past week has seen Clinton and Trump barter places in a media account about movement and chaos.

As always, a daily lessen and upsurge of a presidential competition can be found on a Trail Guide news feed. And check out our interactive Electoral College map for a highway forward come Nov. 8.


The good news for Orange County Rep. Loretta Sanchez is that she survived Tuesday’s primary choosing and will face-off with Democratic opposition Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris in November.

The bad news: Harris dominated a primary with some-more than 2 million votes to Sanchez’s 943,000 as of Wednesday night. Now, with 5 months to go before a ubiquitous election, a maestro congresswoman needs to figure out a approach to overcome that deficit.

Phil Willon reports that some California Republicans, now confronting their initial GOP-free Senate race, are eyeing Sanchez for support. On Wednesday, a new Republican domestic movement cabinet was shaped to assistance Sanchez. Their skeleton embody spending as most as $10 million on an eccentric bid in a tumble campaign.


Tuesday noted a third time that electorate have been given a list with legislative and congressional possibilities and told to collect whomever they choose, regardless of party.

The top-two primary complement has significantly altered a electoral map in California, though some domestic insiders worry it’s not all been so good for possibilities or voters. My stating found that while same-party runoffs in Nov have been a consistent partial of a new primary rules, a real plea has been for incumbents.

And yes, says one distinguished researcher, it might indeed be bearing some-more assuage candidates. Sometimes.


President Obama seemed on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday and pronounced he was “worried about a Republican Party.”

— Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker put a little stretch between himself and a unreserved GOP nominee on Wednesday.

— Nearly 90% of internal taxation increases in California upheld Tuesday, highlighting a bustling internal ballot that also saw San Diego boost a smallest salary and San Francisco supplement larger slip to military shootings.

Gov. Jerry Brown authorised what could be a 19th statewide tender to make a Nov. 8 list on Wednesday: a legislative advisory doubt asking electorate either they would like to see Citizens United overturned, a U.S. Supreme Court statute that non-stop a doorway on large debate spending.

— The son of Dolores Huerta, a co-founder of a United Farm Workers, remains sealed in a parsimonious congressional race in a Central Valley.

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