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Essential Politics: Political payday for smallest wage

“This is about mercantile justice, it’s about people, it’s about formulating a little, little change in a complement that each day becomes some-more unbalanced.”

That was how Gov. Jerry Brown summed adult his meditative on a prerequisite of a $15 an hour statewide smallest wage, that is now on a approach by a law he sealed reduction than 24 hours ago.

Good morning from a a state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers, and a unconditional law to boost a salary of low-income California outlines a fascinating spin in Brown’s legacy.


Since returning to a governor’s bureau in 2011, Brown has done mercantile counsel and mercantile practicality his pursuit card. But on Monday, he didn’t repudiate criticisms that a economics of a statewide $15 an hour salary competence not vessel out.

Instead, he argued there were some-more critical factors during hand.

“Economically, smallest salary might not make sense,” pronounced Brown, flanked by labor kinship members and a phalanx of Democratic legislators. “But morally, and socially and politically, they make each sense.”

And a politics of a day were manifest everywhere during a Los Angeles check signing, writes Christine Mai-Duc. That includes a adversary with New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo sealed his $15 salary law reduction than a hour before Brown.

We lonesome a signing live on a Essential Politics news feed. See video and photos from a scene.

In a special book of my California Politics Podcast, we plead how a smallest salary understanding might affect Brown’s bequest as a on-going Democrat. We also investigate what it says about a operative attribute between a administrator and business groups — an fondness that’s been flattering arguable these past few years.


And lest we forget, a domestic posturing of smallest salary has found a approach into a presidential debate too. Hillary Clinton was with Cuomo as he sealed New York’s law.  As Michael Memoli reports, the chair onstage authorised Clinton to presumably upstage Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Supporters of a dual Democrats have been angrily debating for weeks that of a possibilities is a genuine disciple for efforts to boost a smallest wage.


The dual Democrats, along with a 3 Republicans left in a competition for a White House, are sealed in another make-or-break Election Day. This time it’s Wisconsin, with 42 representatives during interest for Republicans by day’s finish and 86 for Democrats.

The 3 Republicans — Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — done their final laps around a Badger State on Monday.

Meantime, Trump’s unfamiliar process offer to stop NATO received some new critique on Monday from President Obama, as Christi Parsons reports. 

As always, we’ll have live formula and research tonight on Trail Guide and around @latimespolitics.


With all of a presidential and state domestic news out there, it was easy to skip a outrageous statute from a U.S. Supreme Court for California: The long-standing “one person, one vote” approach of sketch domestic districts will sojourn on a books.

The case, if a justices had ruled a other way, would have limited domestic map sketch to a numbers of tangible electorate and not all persons.

Even so, writes David Savage, a statute didn’t tighten a doorway on other ways to tinker with redistricting efforts by a states. (California, as you’ll remember, handed over a map sketch for legislative and congressional districts to an eccentric adults elect in 2011.)


— Regulations for swell pricing on Uber? As Liam Dillon reports, a San Diego authority with family ties to a taxation attention is proposing new ridesharing manners when it comes to prices.

— The California Supreme Court ruled that businesses should be giving workers chairs while on a job.

— Donald Trump’s star on a Hollywood Walk of Fame continues to take a satisfactory volume of abuse, from a swastika to a “mute” icon.

— What do we consider of Trump? Readers can import in with our discerning survey.

— The Festival of Books is entrance up. Here are sum on a program, that will embody panels featuring Team Politics. 


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