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Essential Politics: Senate debate, San Diego style

Four weeks from today, California electorate will go to a polls. And yes, a presidential primary might have fizzled for excitement, though there’s still an critical competition with genuine implications.

So is this a night that a U.S. Senate competition finally creates headlines?

Good morning from a a state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers. Tonight in San Diego, we’ll get one some-more demeanour during a 5 heading possibilities to reinstate Sen. Barbara Boxer. For 4 of them, this could be a final possibility during earning that second golden sheet to a Nov. 8 ubiquitous election.

Few domestic watchers brawl that a competition will come down to one final challenger for Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris, who has led all polls so far. But that one? Can a singular Republican attract adequate votes of a celebration loyal to finish adult in a one-on-one competition with Harris in a fall? Or will this competition be a initial given a pregnancy of a top-two primary that ends adult as an intraparty duel, featuring Harris opposite Rep. Loretta Sanchez?

In final week’s California Politics Podcast, we talked about a impact of a now nonexistent GOP presidential primary on Republican audience in a Senate race.

The discuss starts during 7 p.m. We’ll have live coverage on the Essential Politics news feed and a full wrap-up after in a evening.


Voters in West Virginia go a polls currently as a presidential primaries continue in both a Democratic and Republican parties, while Republicans will also expel ballots in Nebraska.

In West Virginia, Sen. Bernie Sanders is approaching to do well. But given a hopeful count, it’s not startling that Hillary Clinton has incited her courtesy to a ubiquitous election.

And as Michael Finnegan reports, the spark nation primary foreshadows a clash between Clinton and Donald Trump over meridian change and jobs in a bridgehead states of Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Sanders, meanwhile, is in California as votes are being expel behind East. The Vermont senator hold a convene during Bonney Field, home of a Sacramento Republic soccer team. And as Chris Megerian reports, a increasingly prolonged contingency for Sanders didn’t moderate a spirits of those who showed adult during a state fairgrounds.

Sanders is slated to be in downtown Stockton this morning — a singular plcae for a vital presidential debate to hold down.


On Monday, we got a demeanour during a Californians who have concluded to be representatives for Trump during this summer’s Republican National Convention. And it is a fascinating list of both ultra-conservative activists and celebration regulars, as Melanie Mason reports.

Meantime, Thursday is a red-letter day on a GOP calendar, when Trump sits down with a party’s congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. But as Lisa Mascaro reports, there won’t be togetherness when a unreserved hopeful walks in a door.

And for those who still wish an alternative, a speak of a third-party plea is about to turn flattering meaningless. As David Lauter points out, state-by-state deadlines are on a horizon for removing on a ballot.


While inhabitant courtesy focuses on a showdown between a sovereign supervision and North Carolina over a state’s new law tying a use of restrooms by birth gender, a pull for larger entrance is on here in California.

On Monday, a state Assembly voted to anathema any bid during creation single-occupancy restrooms indifferent for group or women. Patrick McGreevy reports that a bill, which upheld on a 52-18 vote, would make these restrooms in open and supervision buildings “all gender,” holding down signs installation them for usually group or women.


California debate watchdog officials are proposing $80,000 in fines opposite former state Sen. Tony Strickland (R-Camarillo) for purported domestic income laundering.

The chastisement is for allegedly helping 3 supporters in disguising a loyal source of contributions to Strickland’s catastrophic 2010 debate for state controller. The money, investigators say, was funneled from supporters by dual GOP county committees.

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