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Essential Politics: When things get serious

In all domestic battles, there’s a impulse when a tongue turns to existence and things get serious. On several fronts in California and opposite a country, that’s where things mount on a emanate of gun violence.

Good morning from a a state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers and in some ways we knew this day would come. But as Sunday’s events showed us, debates can spin really genuine in a hurry.

The Orlando shootings will no doubt be talked about this morning during a state Capitol, as a package of closely watched gun assault bills faces a pivotal hurdle. Led by a efforts of Senate Democrats, some of a bills were desirous by December’s San Bernardino shootings and now will expected be seen by a lens of a latest incident.

The bills also, in some cases, counterpart a list magnitude that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a verge of subordinate for a Nov. 8 ballot.

Monday saw impassioned comments from lawmakers in Sacramento about a Orlando shootings, with some focused on a perils of gun assault and others wailing what might have been an conflict on a happy community.

In Washington, D.C., a chance of new laws in a arise of a weekend electrocute looks reduction likely, given Republican opposition.


Meantime, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offering starkly opposite views on Monday of a weekend’s violence.

Trump pennyless out an aged conflict line opposite President Obama, suggesting that there’s “something going on” with an American personality who avoids blaming “radical Islamic terrorism” for events like a one in Orlando. And he stretched his oath for a ban on unfamiliar visitors to a United States.

As Christi Parsons reports, a Trump comments seemed to relate ones that he done in a past about Obama — remarks that were brushed off by a White House on Monday.


As a state senator, Ron Calderon was partial of a family bequest of domestic use and successful positions. On Monday, though, he assimilated his brother in usurpation a defence understanding with sovereign prosecutors in a crime box opposite him.

As Patrick McGreevy and Joel Rubin report, Calderon agreed to beg guilty to mail fraud while also revelation in justice papers to a array of arrangements with those who offering income in lapse for his legislative efforts.

“This closes a unhappy section in a Senate’s history,” pronounced state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León.

Just final week, voters authorized Proposition 50, a suspension-without-pay amendment to a California Constitution desirous partly by a Calderon case.


Now that lawmakers are jacket adult work on a state budget, some wish to spin their courtesy to another, even thornier emanate — meridian change policy. At a core of a emanate is a destiny of California’s cap-and-trade program, a formidable beginning for tying hothouse gas emissions.

As Chris Megerian and Ralph Vartabedian report, there are warning signs about a prolonged tenure destiny not usually of cap-and-trade but also California’s altogether meridian change approach — not to discuss indispensable supports for things like high-speed rail.

Keep your eye on this one as a Legislature winds down a work for 2016, generally in Aug as a final domestic deals of a year are made.


A new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times survey conducted after a primary finds Loretta Sanchez will need a outrageous distillate of Republican votes to loft her forward of front-runner Kamala Harris in a Nov choosing for a chair in a U.S. Senate.

Cathleen Decker writes that early signs are not good, according to a new check of electorate who expel ballots in California’s Jun primary.

In a competition between a dual Democrats, Republicans who devise to opinion in Nov side some-more with Atty. Gen. Harris than with Sanchez, a Orange County congresswoman.

As for a bulk of Republican voters, roughly two-thirds pronounced in a check that they will not expel a list for a U.S. Senate chair in November.


— State lawmakers introduced an bid on Monday to change California’s authorised clarification of rape, an movement sparked by a judgment handed down to a former Stanford tyro in a heartless conflict on a Bay Area campus final year.

— News coverage of a early months of a presidential debate strongly increased Trump’s bid and put Clinton during a disadvantage, according to a new investigate from Harvard that is expected to supplement to a complicated volume of complaints that a media aided Trump’s rise.

— Trump announced his debate is revoking certification for Washington Post journalists covering his candidacy.


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