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EU Says Crimea Return Necessary for Lifting Russia Sanctions

The European council has named a lapse of a Crimean Peninsula, that Russia annexed in 2014, to Ukraine as one of a required conditions for lifting sanctions opposite a country, according to a fortitude published on a parliament’s website.

“The replacement of Ukrainian control over a peninsula is one of a prerequisites for re-establishing mild family with a Russian Federation, including a cessation of associated sanctions,” a fortitude upheld by a EU council on Thursday said.

Previously, EU leaders pronounced that a lifting of sanctions depended usually on a finish accomplishment of a Minsk agreements, directed during expelling dispute in eastern Ukraine, a RBC news website reported.

EU deputies reject a bootleg cast of Crimea by Russia and will continue a process of non-recognition of Russia’s function [of Crimea], a fortitude stated.

The request also pronounced that an “unprecedented level” of tellurian rights violations had been perpetrated opposite Crimean residents, generally opposite Crimean Tatars.

The fortitude was upheld by 472 EU deputies, while 79 deputies voted opposite it, according to RBC.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/558693.html