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Ex-wife of Cubs’ Addison Russell sum abuse allegations

The ex-wife of Addison Russell non-stop adult about abuse allegations opposite a Chicago Cubs shortstop in a blog post this week.

Melisa Reidy-Russell wrote that she suffered earthy and romantic abuse via their two-year matrimony and that a indignity exceedingly influenced her.

Previous allegations by a crony of Reidy-Russell triggered an MLB review into Russell final year that stays open.

“The initial time we was physically mistreated by my spouse, we was in shock,” Reidy-Russell wrote. “I couldn’t hang my conduct around what only happened … Why did he get so angry? What did we do for him to wish to put his hands on me? Of march we forgave him insincere it would never occur again. we only suspicion he had let his emotions get a best of him, he loves me and he’s sorry. we was deeply harm that he could even be able of this function towards me, we couldn’t know how a male we was so in adore with, a FATHER of my child, a male we married only a few months ago could uncover such charge towards me.”

A group source told ESPN’s Jesse Rogers that Russell will not be with a Cubs for Friday’s diversion opposite a Chicago White Sox.

Reidy-Russell wrote that romantic and written abuse became an “everyday thing” in their relationship.

“Being blamed for only about anything that went wrong, name calling, intimidating me with personal force, utilizing me to consider we was a problem, destroying my personal things, melancholy me to ‘send’ me a son home to my relatives as if we was absolved to be vital in a home,” she wrote. “Basically, we felt like we was nothing, a nobody we was zero but him, we couldn’t do anything but him.”

MLB non-stop an review into Russell in Jun 2017 after Reidy-Russell indicted him of intrigue in an Instagram post and a crony commented with an claim of abuse by Russell.

Russell denied a indictment during a time, and Reidy-Russell declined to concur with ball investigators. MLB never rigourously announced an refurbish on a investigation.

Requests for comments from MLB and a Cubs were not immediately returned.

The integrate had a son in Aug 2015, and they were married in Jan 2016. Their divorce was finalized on Aug. 30.

Reidy-Russell, who pronounced she dealt with basin caused by Russell’s abuse, wrote about a outcome withdrawal her father had on her altogether well-being.

“The approach we was treated and a approach he done me feel about myself, tore me down to nothing. we was so unapproachable of myself for not being fearful anymore, we was giveaway to make my possess choices and we was giveaway to live for MYSELF,” she wrote. “I was holding behind my life. It took months for night terrors to stop, to not have panic attacks 3 times a week, to demeanour in a counterpart and not feel worthless.”

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