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Exchange tyro from Hungary travels a creation for preparation – Yakima Herald

Dancer. Linguist. Singer. Reader. And, especially, traveler.

These things are usually a few of a characteristics that report Riverside Christian sell tyro Anikó Herceg, some-more ordinarily famous as Ani.

The school’s tyro from Hungary has trafficked a creation in hunt of preparation and adventure. As a sophomore, she went to England with dual opposite sell programs. That became a start of her need to see a world. After her time in England, Ani set her sights on a new country: a United States.

“I indispensable a change from my life,” pronounced a high propagandize senior, whose preference to go to Riverside Christian was in partial shabby by carrying a relations who lives in a Yakima area.

When meditative about a biggest differences between Hungary and a U.S., Ani said: “America is MORE. More open, some-more everything.”

However, she feels a biggest disproportion is a propagandize system: “The teachers here are some-more open and peaceful to speak with we than in Hungary,” she explained.

Education was a outrageous inducement for Ani to travel, that is since she chose to come to Riverside Christian, where she has been for her youth and comparison years. Attending a Protestant-based Christian propagandize was a tough transition after being lifted in Hungary, where Catholicism is a distinguished denomination.

“The vigour of sacrament was a outrageous enlightenment shock,” she remarked. Despite these initial trials, she has given grown into tighten attribute with many members of not usually a tyro body, though also a staff.

Ani has visited 9 countries. Her favorite end was Greece.

“The beach, a food, a enlightenment — we adore it all,” she said.

She hopes to lapse to Greece. As for destiny transport possibilities, she has always dreamed of visiting Australia and hopes to investigate abroad there in college.

“Travel has done me stronger,” Ani forked out. “It has authorised me to knowledge new cultures and taught me how to understanding with formidable situations.” Being an general tyro has authorised her to extensively try a world. “Traveling to this grade during such a immature age has truly helped me to try myself.”

However, there are some drawbacks to being divided from home.

“It gets waste sometimes,” she admits. “And when we go behind home, it’s not a same.”

Although she goes home once each year, roving has stretched some family relations somewhat.

“It was indeed my family that suggested we investigate abroad,” Ani commented. “It’s tough, though unequivocally value it.”

She feels roving abroad is an extraordinary event that can unequivocally plea people and a approach they perspective themselves and others. For immature people, she thinks it’s something that can yield practice that figure a chairman and can impact their universe view.

“I would rarely suggest that other students transport abroad if given a chance,” she said. “Find a age that you’re ready, and usually go.” she said. “It is good to transport now, since I’m not tied down, and we can select to go in whatever instruction we want.”

In a entrance years, she skeleton to investigate general business and pursue a career with a complicated importance on travel. After Riverside Christian, she will be attending RMIT University in Vietnam, where she is looking brazen to reconnecting with her kin and serve exploring Vietnamese culture.

So, nonetheless Ani’s time in a U.S. is entrance to a close, her travels are usually beginning.

• Cara Elzie is a sophomore during Riverside Christian High School and a member of a Yakima Herald-Republic’s Unleashed module for teen journalists.

Article source: http://www.yakimaherald.com/unleashed/exchange-student-from-hungary-travels-the-globe-for-education/article_10fcb8dc-3cec-11e7-a3c2-5f124ed26a0c.html