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F1 attribute ‘opens opportunities’ for Supercars in Asia

Supercars’ strengthened attribute with Formula 1 will emanate opportunities for a Australian difficulty as it pushes to enhance into Asia, says CEO James Warburton.

The betterment of Supercars’ Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix support races to championship standing was reliable this morning by a Australian Grand Prix Corporation.

The matter for a breakthrough understanding was final year’s change in Formula 1’s blurb ownership, with American hulk Liberty Media holding over a reins from Bernie Ecclestone.

Speaking during today’s announcement, Warburton voiced wish that a closer attribute with Formula 1 will assistance Supercars with a aim of racing in Asia.

Supercars is now in talks with several Asian venues, including Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit, to settle a possess events.

The difficulty has, however, prolonged desired a place on a support label for a Singapore Grand Prix, that has emerged as one of F1’s showpieces given a initial using in 2008.

“From a indicate of view, now we have a really good attribute with Formula 1 government and it does open adult other opportunities for us,” Warburton told Supercars.com.

“We’ve got lots of MOUs sealed with several countries, though there’s a lot of credentials work, marks wanting to be improved.

“But we’re carefree that we’ll grasp that aspiration of carrying one general competition in Asia on a calendar for 2018.

“Obviously a longer tenure aspiration is to have dual on a calendar from 2019 relocating forward.

“We won’t give adult on that aspiration and we’re operative tough to see if one of a manacles in a glow will broach for 2018.”

James Warburton (right) with AGPC trainer Andrew WestacottJames Warburton (right) with AGPC trainer Andrew Westacott

Warburton combined that a championship will expected enhance to 16 events subsequent year, permitting for a ascent in Albert Park’s standing and a investiture of a new event.

The under-construction Tailem Bend circuit in South Australia is among other venues opposed to join a calendar in 2018.

“The many expected outcome is we’ll have 16 championship events opposite a 37 weeks,” pronounced Warburton of subsequent year’s calendar.

“That seems to be a right mix. The fact that we can come and count a Australian Grand Prix as partial of that is illusory news.”

Warburton duration hinted that subsequent year’s Albert Park eventuality could underline mixed competition durations, with pitstop races on Friday and Saturday before a scurry on a Sunday.

AGPC trainer Andrew Westacott pronounced this morning that a final scheduling will be worked by in a entrance months.

“We can double a existent races before we need to take fuel and apparently we’ve got a pitlane so we can have a operation of pitstops, be it 4 tyres or dual tyres,” pronounced Warburton.

“I consider 120km races are a flattering good format around Albert Park and as we get closer to a grand prix on a Sunday, a stream 15 path races, about 75km (would work).

“We’re really open about putting on a good uncover and we’ll lay and speak with a Australian Grand Prix and FOM (Formula One Management) from a scheduling indicate of perspective and make certain we put on a comprehensive best for a fans.”

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