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Facebook bug prevented users from deletion their accounts

Until only a few days ago, some Facebook users could not undo their accounts — a choice to do so simply didn’t work. After VentureBeat reached out to Facebook per a issue, an operative was means to squish a bug.

Every few months, there’s a new Facebook liaison that formula in a #deletefacebook campaign. This year, prolonged before a Cambridge Analytica trainwreck, we motionless to ask a routine and eventually finished adult essay a quick beam on how to undo your Facebook account (Note: Coincidentally, Facebook yesterday increased a time it takes to undo accounts from 14 days to 30 days).

That was in March. Two weeks ago, we got an email from a VentureBeat reader who couldn’t undo his Facebook account. He claimed there were others also carrying issues — no matter what they tried, they simply could not undo Facebook.

I didn’t trust him during first.

We accept copiousness of complaints sent to our tips line, trimming from simple IT support requests to vast claims. But this user told me he had attempted regulating 3 opposite browsers, his phone, and during slightest one other computer; had contacted Facebook mixed times; and was even deliberation employing a lawyer.

I did my due diligence. The slightest we could do was assistance him undo his account.

Upon request, a reader was friendly adequate to let me record into his Facebook comment so we could see for myself. No matter what we tried, and regardless of that browser we used, a Facebook assistance page for deletion your account would not bucket when logged into his account:

A screenshot of Facebook's undo comment page not loading

Log out, loads fine. Log behind in, vacant page.

Fixed for all Facebook users

I got in hold with Facebook and explained a situation. The user was incompetent to get anything over a boilerplate response from anyone during a company. Because PR member are approaching to get behind to reporters seeking questions, however, we fast done progress.

After providing a Facebook orator with a user’s email residence for his account, a emanate was finally resolved. It turns out a bug in doubt influenced people with accounts that had “a vast series of posts” — when they attempted deletion their account, Facebook would call adult a series of posts that would also need to be deleted. If a call was holding too prolonged given of a vast series of posts, a user would be presented with a vacant page and not be means to proceed.

The Facebook orator reliable that a association was wakeful of during slightest one other user who had gifted a accurate same bug, though did not yield an guess of how many others competence be influenced overall. There’s no easy approach of gauging this figure since, well, many Facebook users don’t go forward and try to undo their accounts.

Bottom line: Whether you’re endangered about a latest Facebook liaison (50 million accounts hacked) or if we attempted deletion your Facebook comment during some indicate and couldn’t get it to work, there is now one fewer barrier in your path. If you’re still carrying problems, let me know.

Article source: https://venturebeat.com/2018/10/04/facebook-bug-prevented-users-from-deleting-their-accounts/