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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks AI, Fake News, Online Safety And Polarization Of Society In 5742-Word Letter

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg penned a 5,742-word minute Thursday, expressing his prophesy about a destiny of a company, his concerns about feign news and his ideas on incorporating synthetic intelligence in a functioning of a amicable networking website. He also highlighted a need for building a tellurian village and battling isolationism.

The minute can be fundamentally damaged down into 5 areas of focus:

  1. Building clever online and offline communities.
  2. Creating improved puncture response tools.
  3. Battling fake news by assisting move out opposite perspectives and creation people some-more politically engaged.
  4. Creating improved discipline for suitable and inapt content.
  5. Using AI to assistance automate Facebook’s functioning to minimize bias.

Stronger Communities

“If we can urge a suggestions and assistance bond one billion people with suggestive communities, that can strengthen a amicable fabric,” he wrote.

Zuckerberg voiced a thought of “social infrastructure.” His letter emphasized a need to emanate stronger online communities that have a supportive, protected and sensitive environment. Essentially, amicable infrastructure means formulating online communities that move people together like offline communities such as churches and unions.

Emergency responses

Zuckerberg also voiced his concerns on puncture responses and Facebook’s purpose in disaster management.

“Because of a volume of communication opposite a network, a ability to fast strech people worldwide in an emergency, and a immeasurable scale of people’s unique integrity many-sided opposite a community. … We recently combined collection to find and offer shelter, food and other resources during emergencies. Over time, a village should be means to assistance during wars and ongoing issues that are not singular to a singular event,” he wrote.

Zuckerberg settled that Facebook will assistance in building a tellurian reserve infrastructure. He also mentioned Facebook’s puncture collection such as Amber Alerts for blank people and Safety Check, that lets people symbol themselves protected so that their friends and family are sensitive in times of crisis.

Fake news

“The dual many discussed concerns this past year were about farrago of viewpoints we see (filter bubbles) and correctness of information (fake news). we worry about these and we have complicated them extensively, though we also worry there are even some-more absolute effects we contingency lessen around sensationalism and polarization heading to a detriment of common understanding,” he wrote.

He advocated a accessibility of a whole operation of perspectives on amicable media that allows people to put out their views and strech a conclusion. “Social media already provides some-more opposite viewpoints than normal media ever has,” Zuckerberg claimed.

Inappropriate content

The Facebook CEO also talked about inapt and suitable calm in his letter. Facebook Community Standards could be a vital apparatus to brand such content, according to him.

“The running beliefs are that a Community Standards should simulate a informative norms of a community, that any chairman should see as small disgusting calm as possible, and any chairman should be means to share what they wish while being told they can't share something as small as possible,” he wrote.

According to Zuckerberg, calm will be blocked formed on internal laws and standards though a thought is to democratize amicable networking by charity personal controls. Simply put, no one should be shown calm that goes opposite a boundary tangible in their personal controls.


To govern his prophesy for Facebook, Zuckerberg seems to be relying majorly on synthetic intelligence.

“It’s value observant that vital advances in AI are compulsory to know text, photos and videos to decider either they enclose hatred speech, distinguished violence, intimately pithy content, and more. At a stream gait of research, we wish to start doing some of these cases in 2017, though others will not be probable for many years,” he wrote.

He indicated opposite uses of AI opposite a amicable networking site, for example, in enforcing Community Standards. Zuckerberg’s prophesy entails creating processes to assistance people and communities establish their standards democratically. Once these preferences are made, they would be enforced regulating AI.

“We are researching systems that can demeanour during photos and videos to dwindle calm a group should review. This is still really early in development, though we have started to have it demeanour during some content, and it already generates about one-third of all reports to a group that reviews calm for a community,” he wrote in his letter.


While Zuckerberg in his prophesy talks about formulating tellurian connections, he does not residence a domestic realities of a day categorically — some-more specifically how his prophesy competence be during contingency with that of many domestic leaders worldwide. He also did not mention how this beginning could potentially boost Facebook’s finances, distinguished a rather charitable tinge in his letter.

“Yet now, opposite a universe there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from tellurian connection,” he wrote. “Our pursuit during Facebook is to assistance people make a biggest certain impact while mitigating areas where record and amicable media can minister to divisiveness and isolation.”

Moreover, Zuckerberg’s importance on a use of AI is noteworthy, though he fails to residence how a extreme use of AI could strike on users’ privacy.

The minute appears to be an try to address fake news concerns. It also comes amid reports that a CEO is facing the hazard of being ousted from a Facebook board.

Article source: http://www.ibtimes.com/facebook-ceo-mark-zuckerberg-talks-ai-fake-news-online-safety-polarization-society-2493598