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Facebook confirms exam of a downvote symbol for flagging comments

How can Facebook foster suggestive communication between users? By vouchsafing them downvote inapt comments to censor them. Facebook is now contrast a downvote symbol on a singular set of open Page post criticism reels, a association confirms to TechCrunch. But what Facebook does with signals about cryptic comments could lift new questions about censorship, and a role as a news editor and media company.

A Facebook orator tells TechCrunch Facebook that a proclivity behind a downvote symbol is to emanate a lightweight approach for people to yield a vigilance to Facebook that a criticism is inappropriate, uncivil, or misleading.

Here’s a matter Facebook provided: “We are not contrast a dislike button. We are exploring a underline for people to give us feedback about comments on open page posts. This is using for a tiny set of people in a U.S. only.”

This is what a downvote symbol looks like adult close:


When tapped, a downvote symbol hides a comment, and gives users additional stating options like “Offensive”, “Misleading”, and “Off Topic”. Those could assistance Facebook figure out if a criticism is objectionable, a form of “fake news”, or usually irrelevant. Facebook already has a “Hide” symbol for comments, though it’s customarily dark behind a drop-down arrow on comments rather than immediately clickable.

Here we can see a downvote symbol on a criticism thread, and what happens when we click it. The screenshots come from Christina Hudler.

According to Facebook, this is a short-term exam that doesn’t impact a ranking of a comment, post, or Page. It’s designed as a approach to give feedback to Facebook, not a commenter, and there will be no publicly manifest count of how many downvotes a criticism gets. The exam is using for 5% of Android users in a U.S. with denunciation set to English. The downvote symbol customarily appears on open Page posts, not on posts by Groups, open total or users. There’s now no devise to enhance a exam as is.

Not A Dislike Button

A dislike symbol has prolonged been a many requested Facebook feature, though Facebook has never given in.

Back in 2015, CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to a QA doubt about it, saying:

“We didn’t wish to usually build a Dislike symbol since we don’t wish to spin Facebook into a forum where people are voting adult or down on people’s posts. That doesn’t seem like a kind of village we wish to create.”

Instead, Facebook built a Reactions options that let we respond to posts and comments with love, wow, haha, unhappy or indignant emoji. Facebook also built reactions into Messenger with a choice to give messages a thumbs-up or thumbs-down so we could uncover agreement or disagreement.

But a new downvote symbol is a closest Facebook has come to indeed giving people a dislike button. Downvoting was popularized on Reddit for crowdsourcedcomment ranking. Reddit co-founder Alexi Ohanian weighed in on Facebook’s chronicle around Twitter:

The downvote symbol ties in with Facebook’s new pull to enhance a users’ contentment by prioritizing News Feed calm that drives suggestive interactions instead of passive, zombie browsing. That led Facebook to uncover fewer viral videos, that in spin contributed to a 700,000 user diminution in U.S. and Canada daily active users — its initial decrease ever anywhere — and Facebook’s slowest DAU expansion rate it’s ever reported.

But one approach Facebook could beget some-more suggestive communication but losing time on site could be by ensuring a many engaging comments are during a tip of posts. Facebook already ranks comments by relevancy formed on Likes and replies. But a downvote symbol could safeguard that if disgusting comments arise adult and case discussion, Facebook will know.

That could eventually lead to a approach for Facebook to bury these comments, or a people that post them. However, this will customarily open adult some-more questions about censorship and what qualifies as inapt during a time when Facebook is already struggling to conduct a responsibilities as what Zuckerberg calls “not a normal media company.”

Article source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/08/facebook-downvote-button/