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Facts about Lynas Malaysia

• 97% of a 645 employees are Malaysian.
• 70% of managers are Malaysian.
• 16% of a people are women, including in all operational areas.
• Lynas employs technically competent and learned people and invests in training.
• Thousands some-more jobs have been combined in a internal area given of Lynas.


(from left)
Khairul, comparison manager, Solvent Extraction
“I wish a satisfactory disposed YAB Tun hears us. We conclude what we have finished for Malaysia and we wish to minister to your vision. We assimilated Lynas to play a purpose in a growth of technology. We are Malaysians, we are a workers, we safeguard we follow a law, we safeguard a workers, families and communities are safe, we safeguard a sourroundings is protected. We Malaysians will never imperil a generations’ future. So beloved Tun, greatfully hear a predicament and have trust in us.”

Kartina, superintendent, Planning and Inventory
“I worked in a petrochemical and utilities association in Gebeng and afterwards Lynas. Both industries have risks. Both companies benchmark reserve and environmental opening opposite general standards and internal regulations. we am unapproachable that Lynas puts a reserve of a people, encampment and sourroundings as a series one priority during all times.”

Jumaat, comparison manager, Organisational Development
“It took me 9 months to join Lynas given we was disturbed about what a anti-Lynas groups said. we put my trust in Allah SWT. Learning and saying a operations myself, we bewail not fasten sooner. This is my sixth year. we quietly endorse a competency of a people and processes that safeguard we always belong to internal and general environmental laws.”

Mimi Afzan, clamp president, People and Culture
“I have always been unapproachable of operative in Lynas. we assimilated as a colonize and will continue to be with a team, quarrel with a group and attain with a team! Together, with a team, we caring for a community.”


(from left)
Azri, Lynas crew
“As an gifted chemical engineer, Lynas has supposing me with totally new hurdles and with that we have gained new expertise. We work a plant with certainty and honour currently and are committed to invariably improving any day.”

Bazilah, Lynas personnel
“I assimilated Lynas when we was 4 months pregnant. we was unequivocally astounded we was offering a job. Lynas has a good process for moms like me: 3 months maternity with stretchable workdays in a fourth month. we was profound again in my second year of work with Lynas. l have been welcomed behind any time, and both my babies are in good health.”

Haizam, Lynas personnel
“I am from Balok. we assimilated Lynas in 2010. In 2011 my friends asked given we worked in Lynas. ln 2016 they asked how to request for a job. In 2018 those who missed out pronounced ‘served me right.’ we usually smiled. we know Lynas is stable and we trust a Government.”

Aizul, Lynas personnel
“All investigate on a residues are upheld by systematic facts, conducted by consultant eccentric consultants, investigate agencies and internal investigate universities. we am an agriculturalist and we am accountable to safeguard a investigate is conducted properly.”


(from left)
Fahimah, Lynas personnel
“I’m unapproachable to be partial of a Lynas family that believes in compelling and lenient women in an attention that is dominated by men. Thanks to a management, women have an equal possibility to grow.”

Rafali, Lynas personnel
“My group and we are committed to safeguard a import and trade activities approve with all general and internal regulatory mandate and we safeguard 0 mistreat to all around us. Our group is committed to excellence!”

Fikri, Lynas personnel
“I was one of 6 in a initial collection of associate engineers in 2010. we gifted a construction, start adult and commissioning of a plant – a usually singular earth plant outward of China. Not many Kuantan boys get this chance. we worked genuine tough to infer a investment done in me is value any ringgit. Now we am a behaving superintendent of a control complement ensuring that any complement is built in suitability to a top standards.”

Siew Fong, Lynas personnel
“I am unapproachable to be in a Lynas family. we trust we can assistance Malaysia grasp a prophesy to turn a grown tolerable nation. As a usually singular earth writer outward China, we have unequivocally put Malaysia on a map!”


(from left)
Pak Raja, head, fishermen of Balok
“I am a inaugurated conduct of a fishermen of Balok and we paint my people, not some politicians. we can assure we have never held fish that are unwholesome due to chemicals or held fish that demeanour humorous given of radiation. we have never seen these people entrance to speak to me or my people about anything. But we know these Lynas people. They have been frequently with us here. So to these people, stop regulating us as a domestic emanate to win votes.”

C.S. Lee, retailer
“I have been provision pumps to many factories in mixed industries, middle or large. we visited a factories myself and we find that among identical industries, Lynas is really critical about housekeeping and a plant sourroundings is really clean. The workers are accessible and always have reserve as their priority. Business is good and remuneration is prompt.”

Pak Shikh, conduct of Chengal Lempong
“Lynas has always been there for us. Their staff have been concerned with a encampment activities given they started – from approach contribution, regulating hapless homes to participating in a encampment feasts. Our children have benefitted from a Academic Ivory Tower Programme and some of them will be graduating soon. We have never had any doubt of their reserve as their staff is a good illustration of that.”

Article source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/10/31/facts-about-lynas-malaysia/