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‘Fake’ Apollo Moon Landing Photo Claims To Show Proof The Mission Was A Hoax

Almost 50 years after male walked on a moon, a “giant jump for mankind” is underneath a microscope once again – with conspiracy theorists convinced they have explanation one of a moon landings was fake.

A design allegedly taken in Dec 1972 of a final Apollo 17 moon goal has been common online, and shows what one YouTuber believes is a thoughtfulness of a “stagehand” in a helmet of one of a astronauts.

The photo, uploaded to YouTube this week by a user named Streetcap1 is entitled “Reflection in a Visor,” and Streetcap1 suggests this casts doubt onto either a 1972 moon landing, in particular, was staged.

“I suspicion it looked a bit strange, so we took a design of it regulating my software,” Streetcap1 says in a video commentary.

“What we seem to have here is a figure of a tellurian not wearing a spacesuit, circa early 70s… Apollo 17 photograph,” he explained of a picture. “There was some brawl behind in 2009 of a legitimacy of these photos.”

“I’m usually going to make a small video here and upload it and we can let me know what we think,” Streetcap1 added, explaining he did trust in a moon alighting though was now in doubt due to a photograph.

“You can see some arrange of, it looks like a man, behind in a early 70s, prolonged hair, wearing some arrange of waistcoat-type thing… and a shade of that figure presumably,” he said. 

“This is starting to make me think. Where’s this guy’s spacesuit?” he combined of a final moon mission, crewed by Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt, a initial scientist-astronaut to land on a moon.

And his find appears to have a lot of associate swindling theorists excited, with some commenting underneath a design that a user has done a “good spot,” while others discharged it as being photoshopped, or indicating out a thoughtfulness is another astronaut.

The 1972 Apollo goal was, of course, not a initial manned goal to make it to a moon – that respect belongs to Apollo 11, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who took a initial stairs on a moon on Jul 20, 1969.

11_14_Apollo_moon_landing Buzz Aldrin in a sketch taken by associate wanderer Neil Armstrong during a Apollo 11 moon alighting in Jul 1969. In Andy Weir’s “Artemis,” a alighting site is recorded one of a categorical traveller attractions for visitors to a initial and usually city on a moon. NASA/Reuters

However, a whole doubt of either any goal done it to a moon has prolonged been a lustful subject of contention for swindling theorists, with cinema and footage from a alighting scrutinized over a years by people dynamic to find proof.

Over a years, such swindling theories have been debunked, from a explain that a rocks collected from by astronauts are indeed from Antarctica (geologists endorse this is not a case) to a American dwindle apparently floating in a “wind” (just stretchable aluminum that vibrated after being rubbed by a astronauts, folks).

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