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Famous Quebec pig travels a world, inspires amicable media …

Christopher a pig has had some large adventures in a year given he was adopted by Marilyne and Jonathan Duguay.

Since a Brossard couple adopted Christopher he’s turn really most prejudiced of a family.

“You need to give him lots of love,” said Jonathan of the miniature Vietnamese teacup pig.

Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay

Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay took Christopher to Arches National Park in Utah in April. (Submitted by Marilyne Duguay)

Christopher has amassed a estimable amicable media participation in a past year — he has 19,000 supporters on Instagram as good as flourishing Facebook and YouTube pages.

The latest video, posted during Tuesday’s snowstorm, features Christopher snuffling around in a sleet with dual elves roving on his back.

Marilyne takes a lead modifying videos and posting on Christopher’s feed.

As her father tells it, she’s a reason Christopher came into their lives in a initial place.

“My wife, she’s vegetarian, and she wanted to have a pig so we got her a pig as a pet,” he says. “She was excited.”

One thing that drives amicable media users to Christopher’s pages are a photos and videos depicting his passion for travel.

In a final year, Christopher and his owners have trafficked to New York, Utah, Halifax, Ottawa and Quebec City among other places.

“I consider he loves it a lot, travelling,” said Jonathan. “He loves it given pigs — they adore carrying another smell. Everywhere we go has a opposite smell.”

Christopher was prejudiced to New York City in particular, where he toured Times Square in October.

“He loves New York because of all a smells, a shops that sell food on a street,” pronounced Jonathan.

And that’s distant from a finish of Christopher’s desirous transport plans — in Mar a couple are streamer to France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland with their pig in tow.

Jonathan says that it’s not as tough as we competence consider removing Christopher from place to place given he’s purebred as a use animal.

“I was in a army, so he takes good caring of me when we fly,” explained Jonathan.

That’s only another approach this atypical pet proves himself a valued member of a Duguay family, says Jonathan.

christopher a pig 2

Jonathan and Marilyne Duguay take their pig Christopher travelling with them wherever they go. (Submitted by Marilyne Duguay)

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