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FBI: We perceived a tip on Jan 5 that Parkland shooter was a risk — though “protocols were not followed”

The tipster apparently gave them any fact of a calamity to come — Cruz was homicidal, he had a gun, he was telegraphing his intentions on amicable media. The tourist even knew that he was meddlesome in sharpened adult a school. That means a FBI was sensitive not once though twice in a camber of a small some-more than 3 months that someone named “Nikolas Cruz” was a hazard to open safety. (The barbarous YouTube comment in that someone posting as “Nikolas Cruz” pronounced he designed to be a “professional propagandize shooter” was left on Sep 24.)

Nothing happened. And so a horrible conflict is now also a horrible scandal.

I consternation if a FBI’s already shop-worn repute will ever recover.

Who was a tourist who knew Cruz’s skeleton so well? we suspicion he had no friends. Was it a member of a family he stayed with after his mom died final fall?

The FBI was directly warned twice though internal law coercion had famous for years that Cruz was “troubled.” CNN reported this morning that deputies visited his home no fewer than 39 times(!) given 2010 for problems including “a mentally ill person, child/elderly abuse, a domestic reeling and a blank person.” Records don’t prove that proprietor in a home was a means of their visits though we haven’t review anything in a final few days suggesting that his mom or hermit had difficulty with a law. (His father upheld divided years earlier.) Most of those visits, if not all, were expected directed during Cruz. He reportedly would deliver himself to people infrequently by saying, “Hi, I’m Nick. I’m a propagandize shooter.” The next-door neighbor remembered that he “would infrequently be attack his conduct and covering his ears.” Once, when she sent him home after misbehaving during her house, he returned with a golf bar and crushed her trailer. He bought his AR-15 just 3 days after withdrawal propagandize final January.

Reporters asked a FBI yesterday, before news of a missed Jan 5 tip emerged, since they didn’t act on a YouTube criticism final fall. WaPo:

Without some-more to go on, officials felt there wasn’t adequate authorised justification to emanate a summons to YouTube for a underlying information about a “nikolas cruz” who had threatened a propagandize shooting, a law coercion central said…

Hosko, a former FBI partner director, pronounced a FBI gets some-more than 100 hazard reports any day, in further to other reports of mental health and other issues. That leaves supervisors in a formidable position of determining how many resources should be clinging to any box and for how long. Even in terrorism cases, Hosko said, a business infrequently has to leave suspects unmonitored since a FBI lacks crew to follow any of them all a time…

Hosko pronounced in many cases of illusive threats, an early doubt supervisors ask is, “At a finish of a day, would we even have a sovereign crime if we valid a chairman sent this or posted this?” And in Cruz’s box — where a criticism is a not a specific hazard — a answer was substantially no, he said.

That was a confirmed position yesterday. Unless we wish a Chinese notice state, we can’t go chasing after any holder in a YouTube comments section. How many man-hours would we wish to deposit in sport down someone who farted out something about a propagandize shooting, usually to find he’s a goblin with a ill clarity of humor? “Without some-more to go on,” a YouTube criticism wasn’t shocking adequate in a possess right to aver an FBI scramble.

But it turns out they did have some-more to go on, didn’t they? And remember, a news of a YouTube criticism contingency have been saved somewhere in a FBI’s complement since agents showed adult to pronounce to a male who reported it final Sep within hours of Wednesday’s massacre. If Cruz’s name was in a database, since didn’t a Jan 5 tip about him get cross-checked with that database? Two eccentric reports of Cruz’s designs on sharpened adult a propagandize certainly would have set off alarm bells. Those alarm bells would have led them to scrutinise some-more broadly about Cruz, that would have incited adult 39 military visits and a squeeze of an AR-15. Would all of that have been adequate for illusive means sufficient for a hunt warrant? Seems possible.

Here’s where we indicate we behind to my post yesterday speculating that a bid to finish propagandize shootings will eventually concentration not on gun-grabbing or mental-health diagnosis though on larger notice and data-collection directed during “troubled” people. People will demeanour during all of a red flags we only remarkable and consternation since they weren’t collected somewhere centrally; any particular red dwindle is one tile in a mosaic, not indispensably dangerous in itself, though step behind and demeanour during a mosaic itself and it’s a mural of mass murder. Not coincidentally, a policeman of Broward County appealed categorically to a supervision yesterday to give law coercion a energy to catch and dedicate people formed on unfortunate amicable media posts. “People are going to be justly so endangered about their rights, as am I, though what about a rights of these students?” he said. That’s a discuss that’s coming.

Article source: https://hotair.com/archives/2018/02/16/fbi-received-tip-january-5-parkland-shooter-danger-protocols-not-followed/