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Feds questioning Hoboken crash

With assistance from Lauren Gardner, Eric Wolff and Doug Palmer

FEDS INVESTIGATING HOBOKEN CRASH: One of a large questions FRA and NTSB officials will be seeking in entrance days is either Positive Train Control could have prevented a commuter sight from outstanding into a New Jersey Transit hire in Hoboken, N.J., during Thursday’s morning rush hour, murdering a lady on a height and injuring some-more than 100 others. The other, of course, is what led to a wreck. No open reason of means was given by authorities on Thursday, as investigators worked to establish either a operative was during error or if a automatic unwell or other resources over his control were to blame.

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The outline on PTC: None of NJ Transit’s trains enclose full PTC functionality. It petitioned FRA for an difference from PTC mandate for a Hoboken depot in 2010, as a Lauren Gardner reported. Federal officials postulated a request. The law allows railroads to ask for exemptions from PTC designation mandates on certain lane segments. For newcomer terminals, railroads contingency expose that trains won’t transport some-more than 20 miles per hour in a area — and that onboard PTC apparatus will control for speed notwithstanding a deficiency of wayside signals. Railroads also have to denote that trains will reside by interlocking manners that dissuade retreat movements though an OK from signals or dispatchers, and that they won’t share marks with burden operations.

Waiting for a facts: White House orator Josh Earnest and a governors of New York and New Jersey struck a discreet tone on a PTC doubt Thursday. “Once we have a facts, if there is a doctrine to learn, we will learn it,” N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Train was relocating too fast: “The sight came in during a high rate of speed, and a doubt is ‘Why is that?’” pronounced N.J. Gov. Chris Christie. “We won’t know that for some time.” Bella Dinh-Zarr, a NTSB member streamer a board’s investigation, pronounced a speed extent streamer into a hire is 10 miles per hour. The sight was 8 mins late and never decelerated in a moments before it crashed into a petrify and steel bumper, The New York Daily News reported, citing authorities.

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HOBOKEN IMPLICATIONS: Many lawmakers reacting to a news Thursday lamented that a pile-up might have been preventable — and some called for some-more investment in record like PTC.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), a member of a House Transportation Committee: “While we are only commencement to learn a means of this crash, it appears that, once again, an collision was not prevented since a trains a commuters were roving lacked certain sight control — a longer we destroy to prioritize investing in rail reserve technology, a some-more trusting lives we put in jeopardy.”

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a member of a Senate Appropriations subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development: “If reserve mechanisms like certain sight control could have stopped a sight in a tracks, afterwards Congress’ continued feet boring on rail investment is all a some-more outrageous.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), a member of a Senate Commerce Committee: “There is an obligatory need to deposit in rail reserve nationwide, including record like Positive Train Control, as good as new apparatus and improved training. Having advocated and fought for Positive Train Control and against delays in requiring it, my wish is that there is combined procedure and movement for immediate, stronger rail reserve efforts.”

Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-N.J.), in a minute to NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart: “Sadly, accidents on a open movement are all too common. we will continue to work in Congress to yield required movement appropriation and pull for a full doing of Positive Train Control and other critical reserve technologies.”

AVIATION CAP-AND-TRADE STILL CIRCLING THE TOWER: Concerns from China, Russia and India have behind execution of discussions of a International Civil Aviation Organization’s executive cabinet about either to validate a due general cap-and-trade program. Plugged-in sources told MT that a content perceived extended support Thursday, though a chair is going to reason meetings with a tiny series of countries that have reservations in a hopes of bringing them on board. If a executive cabinet endorses a program, it will go to a full for approval.

Nancy Young, clamp boss for environmental affairs during Airlines for America, who’s in Montreal, pronounced a chair will come behind this afternoon with proposals for tweaks. Environmentalists are endangered that while a chair betrothed not to free a draft, any adjustments could serve break what they already cruise a diseased module for CO reduction.

SENATORS CALL FOR INVESTIGATION OF RAIL TAKEOVER: Forty-two senators wish a Obama administration to launch an review into either Chinese Railroad Rolling Stock Corporation’s tentative takeover of Vertex Railcar Corporation should be halted since of inhabitant confidence concerns. In a minute to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, a senators contend they are also disturbed that a merger would put American jobs during risk by transferring railcar prolongation to China, Pro Trade’s Doug Palmerreported. Fifty-five members of a House called for a identical review in July.

AFA-CWA ENDORSES CLINTON: Hillary Clinton cumulative a publicity of a Association of Flight Attendants-CWA’s house of directors. “We have knowledge with Hillary Clinton as a champion for moody attendants, generally as a streamer voice for a technical improvement to [The Family and Medical Leave Act] and a relentless disciple for 9/11 initial responders,” AFA pronounced in a matter Thursday. “Parallel to a union’s swell for moody attendants, Secretary Clinton’s quarrel — prolonged and ancestral — has non-stop a doorway for women to overcome discrimination, sexism, and turn equal partners in moulding a future.”

SHIFTING GEARS: The Intelligent Transportation Society of America has hired Jeff Davis, a former executive of business during Development for Homeland Security Solutions Inc., as comparison clamp boss of membership and business development. ITS America has also brought on Jason Goldman, a former halt executive executive of TechFreedom, as clamp boss of outmost affairs and stakeholder engagement. And a organisation promoted Steve Bayless to clamp boss of regulatory affairs.


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THE COUNTDOWN: DOT appropriations run out in 70 days. The FAA reauthorization expires in 364 days. The 2016 presidential choosing is in 38 days. Highway and movement process is adult for renovation in 1,464 days.

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