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‘First greeting was to go for it’ on fourth down

GREEN BAY – Mike McCarthy’s initial instinct was to go for it.

In fact, he was primarily creation his approach to a central to call his final timeout, and he had a play he wanted on fourth-and-2 from his possess 33-yard line with 4:20 left trailing Seattle by 3 points.

Seeing how it played out creates it easy to bewail punting now, though McCarthy concurred roughly 16 hours after a fatal call that “those are a kind of decisions that keep all of us adult during night.” A brief contention over a headset led him to change his mind, and as a Seahawks emptied a rest of a time opposite a banged-up invulnerability to win 27-24, Aaron Rodgers never took another snap.

“My initial greeting was to go for it,” McCarthy pronounced on Friday, adding that as an descent manager it’s mostly his healthy inclination. “But a three-and-out there puts us right above dual minute(s), and we have good certainty in a two-minute offense, generally with Aaron. It’s a plain decision.”

The Packers roughly pinned a Seahawks nearby their possess idea line, though rookie JK Scott’s sepulchral punt bounced into a finish zone. Still, a 67-yarder was a 47-yard net with Seattle starting on a possess 20.

The bigger problem was a Packers’ run defense, that a Seahawks were certain to test. It was nowhere tighten to full strength, as defensive linemen Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark had left a diversion with injuries, and Green Bay’s front couldn’t put adult adequate resistance.

The Seahawks indispensable only 4 plays to get a dual initial downs compulsory to bind a win, converting on second-and-5 and second-and-6, never confronting a third down.

“Now, station here, if we knew a outcome was them using out a clock, yeah, I’d go for it on fourth-and-2,” McCarthy said. “It was my decision. We had dual options, and that’s a choice we made.”

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