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Fitbit Blaze, Alta inclination sell over 1 million units any in initial month

Fitbit’s newest trackers have made utterly an sense with customers, notwithstanding usually being accessible for reduction than a month so far. The association announced that it has shipped over 1 million units of the $200 Blaze intelligent aptness watch and 1 million units of the $130 Alta bracelet-esque tracker given they became accessible in early March.

This comes as a warn given many people, quite Fitbit investors, were confused when a Blaze was announced during this year’s CES. Although it was never meant to be an Apple Watch killer, it positively looked identical during initial peek and that raised a lot of eyebrows. Immediately after a Blaze launch, Fitbit batch forsaken 18 percent.

The Alta was announced shortly after a Blaze as a some-more stylish choice to a existent Fitbit Charge. In terms of features, however, a Alta and a Charge have few differences, and their prices are identical at $130. At initial it was misleading where these devices fit into Fitbit’s llineup, though if these sales are any indication, it appears business are embracing the new devices.

“At Fitbit, we continue to concentration on building innovative and motivating fitness-first products that a business adore and that assistance them grasp their health and aptness goals,” Woody Scal, Chief Business Officer of Fitbit, wrote in a statement. “The certain response we’ve perceived to Blaze and Alta demonstrates a continued ability to innovate and expostulate clever direct for Fitbit products, that is what has done and kept us a personality in a tellurian wearables category.”

According to IDC, about 78.1 million intelligent wearable inclination shipped in 2015, and Fitbit led the container with 21 million inclination shipped. These earnest sales will expected put some Fitbit investors during palliate for now, though a year has usually begun. Apple was third in line final year, shipping 11.6 million units of a Apple Watch (right behind Xiaomi’s 12 million).

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