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Fitbit CEO disses Apple Watch

Fitbit, a heading builder of wearables, says it intentionally keeps a concentration narrow.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Fitbit wearables miss a facilities found in smartwatches such as a Apple Watch. But that’s not a bad thing, according to Fitbit CEO James Park.

The Fitbit activity and aptness trackers are single-mode devices. The Apple Watch performs a crowd of tasks — time keeping, health tracking, iPhone aiding and computing — and therein lies a problem, Park said.

“We demeanour during it from a consumer indicate of view,” Park told a New York Times in a story published Monday. “Apple Watch is a computing platform, though that’s unequivocally a wrong proceed to proceed this difficulty from a really beginning.”

The Apple Watch has turn a pivotal actor in a flourishing marketplace for smartwatches, generating larger seductiveness for a difficulty that’s captivated tech companies such as Samsung, Motorola and LG as good as normal watchmakers such as Tag Heuer. However, many consumers don’t nonetheless see smartwatches as must-have items.

In building a wearable devices, Fitbit took a opposite proceed than did Apple, according to Park. The association began with a elementary product in sequence to make it consumer-friendly and afterwards solemnly combined features. The Apple Watch began life packaged with an array of facilities and capabilities, that Park would disagree creates a device some-more complicated.

“I consider one of a ubiquitous knocks opposite smartwatches is that people still don’t know what they’re good for, so they’ve congested all in,” Park told a Times.

Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.

For a fourth entertain of 2015, Fitbit shipped 8.1 million devices, according to investigate organisation IDC. Apple Watch shipments were estimated during 4.1 million units over a same period. Overall, tellurian smartwatch shipments grew to 4.2 million final entertain from 1.3 million a year earlier, according to Strategy Analytics.

The pretence for Fitbit is to keep a products elementary while adding functions. As one example, Apple’s iPhone 4S enclosed a ability to sync with wireless accessories around Bluetooth. Park wanted to take advantage of that capability, so Fitbit combined Bluetooth connectivity to a devices.

Down a road, Park envisions Fitbit inclination doing mobile payments or determining smart-home devices. But to equivocate mimicking a Apple Watch, Park pronounced that “we’re going to be really clever with how we embody these things over time.”

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/fitbit-ceo-disses-apple-watch/