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Florida Republican Proposes Bill to Eliminate a EPA

Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) fist bumping Paul Ryan | Photo: Getty

There’s been many snub over a Republican party’s contempt toward a Environmental Protection Agency. On Friday, Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz presented a many radical thought yet—eliminate a group entirely. He due HR 861, a check “to cancel a Environmental Protection Agency.”


Though a content of a check is not nonetheless available, according to a Courier-Journal, it would “translate to a well-spoken transition in slip and regulations from a sovereign supervision to particular states.” Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) has joined Gaetz in his efforts to idle a sovereign business obliged for nationally safeguarding a environment. Massie said, “The EPA creates manners that criticise a voice of a American people and bluster jobs in Kentucky.” Along with Massie, dual other Republican congressmen—Steven Palazzo (R-Mississippi) and Barry Loudermilk (R-Georgia)—cosponsored a bill.

Parts of southern Florida, including Miami, are likely to be underwater by 2025 interjection to rising sea levels, so it’s a small mocking for one of their possess member to introduce abolishing a group his state needs a most. Then again, Gaetz represents northwestern Florida, so his district should be in a clear.


The sum of how HR 861 would work are still uncertain. The Walton Sun reported that a check “offers zero in a approach of guidance” for how a dissolution would be enacted.

Nevertheless, there’s copiousness to worry about. The Trump administration systematic a Environmental Protection Agency not to pronounce to a press, as good as temporarily frozen extend programs. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s collect to conduct a Environment Protection Agency, is in a midst of suing them—and has filed 13 prior lawsuits opposite them—over regulations that quell oil and gas emissions. On tip of that, Trump is also seeking to significantly slash a EPA’s budget. Also, remember that time Trump tweeted, “The judgment of tellurian warming was combined by and for a Chinese in sequence to make U.S. production non-competitive.”

Another day, another conflict on a EPA. This, unfortunately, seems to be a new normal. I’m screaming.

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