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For during slightest one night, Miami is all a approach back

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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — In a hours before Miami played Notre Dame, song filled a parking lot surrounding Hard Rock Stadium — rap, Latin, reggaeton — branch pregame tailgates into a football celebration usually South Florida could throw.

One fervent tailgater grabbed a microphone, stood in a behind of his flatbed lorry and yelled, “Are we ready, Miami?” before busting out his possess fume appurtenance and spraying a fume into a crowd. An courageous businessman sole $10 knockoff Turnover Chain T-shirts nearby. One father and son played football, a son wearing a Miami helmet and relating uniform.

Week 11 takes a furious spin with Turnover Chains and a blowout on a Plains

The doorway to a playoff’s tip 4 has been kicked open after No. 1 Georgia and No. 3 Notre Dame were blown out. No. 2 Alabama survived Mississippi State’s dissapoint bid, and Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield took another step toward securing a Heisman Trophy.

  • Miami dominates Notre Dame in a reversion performance

    The Turnover Chain was out early and mostly as a No. 7 Hurricanes finished an fatiguing playoff matter Saturday by demolishing No. 3 Notre Dame 41-8.

  • By a time a Miami buses arrived dual hours before kickoff, fans had gotten themselves into such a frenzy, they shook all 3 group buses from side to side. Most wore homemade Turnover Chains and reason adult signs, including one with The Rock that said, “Can we smell what a U is cooking?”

    Nights like this are generally indifferent for Florida State games. But a feeling on Saturday night buzzed with some-more excitement, some-more anticipation, some-more hunger, some-more yearning. Because for a initial time in some-more than a decade, a home diversion in Miami meant some-more than usually state bragging rights opposite a healthy rival. It meant an event to feel something again, something that has been blank given Miami final won a inhabitant championship, in 2001.

    For so long, in a years between Larry Coker and Randy Shannon and Al Golden, folks down here stopped feeling most of anything good. Antipathy? Maybe. Anger? Definitely. As a years mounted between championships, a still recklessness took hold. Would Miami ever be back?

    So a audience on Saturday was some-more than usually South Florida entrance out to relive a excellence days opposite Notre Dame. It was about perplexing to overpass a past to a present, to support a thought that Miami could absolutely, definitively win again here with fans screaming and formulating a real, live, home environment.

    It competence not be a old, creaky, intimidating Orange Bowl. But what happened opposite Notre Dame showed all that Miami could be once again. The football group dominated with authority; it looked like Warren Sapp and Ed Reed had put on their aged jerseys and left out there themselves.

    They played with an aggressiveness and an anger, permitting restrained frustrations to brief over after a week in that players listened over and over they were not good adequate to be ranked as College Football Playoff contenders notwithstanding winning all their games.

    The night before a game, a coaching staff showed a group comments ESPN’s Paul Finebaum finished on his uncover this week: “They fell off a map, and, frankly, we didn’t skip them that badly. Miami was famous for all a wrong things. They won a titles, and they substantially could’ve had more, though to me, they were some-more of a black symbol on college football.”

    Miami won 41-8, a measure so astonishing that a calls dogmatic Miami behind accelerated to diverge speed.

    As Reed distinguished on a margin afterward, Joel Rodriguez ran adult to him, hugged him and shouted, “How’s that for a black symbol on college football!”

    “You know what I’m saying, Joel!” Reed shouted behind during his teammate from a 2001 inhabitant championship team. “That’s what we do. That’s how we represent. we saw it Tuesday. Coach Richt and his staff have finished such a good pursuit lifting these immature men. It’s all we came here for. When we come to Miami, that’s what we come here for, that’s what we’re about.”

    Sapp watched a diversion from a sideline, too. His feeling examination such a thespian victory? “Long time coming!”

    Cornerbacks manager Mike Rumph, who played with Rodriguez and Reed on a final group to win a inhabitant pretension here, pronounced he sensed in use during a week that something vast was about to happen.

    “Backs opposite a wall and we stood adult and fought like men,” Rumph said. “I can’t be prouder of these guys. “We’re back! We’re back!”

    Whether Miami is definitively behind is still adult in a atmosphere with dual regular-season games left and a ACC championship diversion opposite Clemson on Dec. 2. Linebacker Shaq Quarterman pronounced a usually approach to make that stipulation is to win a ring. Receiver Braxton Berrios offered, “The U is back. we don’t consider anybody can contend we’re not. we don’t consider we can get disrespected anymore.”

    But what positively is not adult for discuss is a atmosphere inside a track on Saturday night, a vibe that pulsed from a initial quarrel all a approach to a tip row. Miami swaggered on a margin and in a stands, and even when a group finally left a margin to “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” a vast swath of fans remained for high fives and cheers.

    Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz distinguished with his players, a delight not usually since they reason Notre Dame to 8 points and 261 sum yards. His father was Miami mayor; he grew adult in South Florida, during a Hurricanes’ heyday, when a usually customary meant not competing for championships, though winning them.

    “This is to me healthy sequence restored,” Diaz said. “This is a approach a Saturday night in Miami should be. It should be a big-time diversion with dual good teams with an extraordinary atmosphere.”

    Miami plays Virginia subsequent Saturday during noon ET, and a fan bottom will be tested to uncover adult again, as shrill and as unapproachable as it was opposite Notre Dame. But for during slightest one Saturday night, it certain felt like Miami had trafficked behind in time 30 years, permitting us to remember what used to be, though also giving us a glance during what is to come.

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